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Summary: The Resurrection is a Historical Fact. Believe the Gospel.

During the second night of #B1GNorthEdsaSHARE2018 , Brother Judah Paolo shared about The Resurrection. I didn't pay attention to it that much until that night. I'm so thankful to be enlightened and we have speakers like Bro Judah Paolo to share HIS message.

He pointed three questions:
1. What is the Gospel?
He asked us to discuss within our group what is the Gospel? I actually didn't know what to say so I just said "The Message". 
But... The Gospel is the Good News. It is the Grand Story. Jesus is inviting us to the Grand Story. So we should really read the Bible and learn about the Good News. 
2. Did the Resurrection really happen?
I believe in the Resurrection. I didn't need the things that Bro Judah discussed to believe on this bec. I know in my heart this is true BUT... it was also enlightening when he shared facts about the Resurrection from the Bible. Like when he mentioned, how specific it is that Jesus was buried, he rose on the "3RD Day", and that it was women who saw him first when during that time women's voice are not yet heard in the Society.  
3. Why does it matter?
It matters because JESUS Died for our sins and RISEN on the Third day. As Bro Judah said, "The Resurrection is the Greatest Miracle". If he didn't Risen, he would be just like everyone else. But no he is God the Son, who gave his life to Save us. He came to bring meaning to our lives and we should all COME ALIVE in Christ. AMEN.
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