Monday, July 22, 2013

Pulling Myself Back

It’s been years now since that moment. It took everything I had to pull myself back together. I thought this time around I’m so much stronger. Bullet-proof. Ready for the storm, ready for the hurricanes, ready for tsunami, ready for anything that can make World Trade Center down. 

But I’m wrong. I’m not as strong as I think I am. On the contrary, I became fluffier. Softer. Weaker. Oh, What love can do?

Have you ever been to that phase where the one you love isn’t willing to love you back? Have you ever been to that phase when you are willing to give everything or trade anything in this world for God to like work his magic and make you and this certain person meant to be together forever?

STOP. I think this is getting too dramatic and too heavy. I don’t want to continue writing. I might divulge all the information and all my emotions…. All that I can say is that I really like this certain guy and he’s not that into me. 

What do I do? Cry? No. Time to face reality. I guess, I need to work so hard again to put myself back.

waiting for my star to fall,  

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