Saturday, October 15, 2011

The X Axis

Let's keep this short and straight.
I don't have feelings for him anymore but since my phone reminded me about the place and date we "should" meet today... that I can't go anymore... I think ONE last blog post about him would be enough to honor our relationship before and to make him know that I've already forgiven him.

Yes, I'm ready for FRIENDSHIP. Actually, all that I have now and all that I've become... I owe him. If not to him, I wouldn't even be HERE. So, thanks.

To the person who made me realize the meaning of PAIN, to the person who made walking in the rain without an umbrella fun, to the person who keeps catching me no matter how many times I keep on falling, to you who completed the X in my Y axis... To the person broke my heart into pieces? I mean, to you who powderized it into tiny atomic particles... lol. Happy Birthday. 

Love, now and always,
Mia always dreamt of becoming 5'8" or higher that goes with the reason why she wears higher platforms. She wears lighter makeup these days because her MAN is particular with INNER beauty. She's the same old shopaholic you now, splurging over stuffs that a part goes to charity. Today, she is not writing blogs and promos anymore. She ventured into marketing... selling souls to the devil. And oh wait, on her spare time, she writes short stories of love with tragic ending. Some of her published works are "Cries, Cameras and Actions", "8 folds", "The Boat", "All for Carlie", "Ragnarok Online Love Story" and "Resume of Lovers". 

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