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YOU KNOW YOU LOVE HIM: Ed Westwick for Penshoppe

May 29: Penshoppe announced that Chuck Bass will arrive in the Philippine shores.


June 1: Philippines Welcomes Chuck Bass, Ed Westwick in real life, as Penshoppe's newest brand endorser, after another worldwide popular singer-actress Mandy Moore. 

June 2: Ed shoots for PENSHOPPE
Behind the scenes shoot
June 3: Press Conference

What he thinks of the Philippines:
"You have a beautiful city here, a beautiful country, and beautiful, fantastic people."
On the similarities and differences between him and his character Chuck Bass:
"We're both male. We both look alike, which is very strange, isn't it? But no, we're actually very different. He's such an amazing character to play, so much fun, and I have a great time working with the all the people working in the show, but I live quite a different life, I'm afraid to say. I don't ride the limousine quite often.
But one thing he will never have on me is this English charm. He's got that American charm, but he doesn't have the English charm, you know."

On how he has changed because of Chuck Bass:

"[I've learned] how not to mistreat women. [Chuck] has been pretty awful at times, and I've learned what not to do." 
On proving to people that he is more than just Chuck Bass: 

"Professionally, when you're part of a show that becomes so well-known and, within that, you have a character that is a bit iconic, perhaps, a lot of people know the character, a lot of people admire the character and [are] entertained by him. 
But you begin to be directly associated with that character. I think, professionally, it's important to look for other work that brings you to a different role, to a different character."

On Manila:

"This is my first time in the Philippines, and I have to say [it's been] really good because everyone's made me feel really, really welcome... I was feeling a little jetlagged until I came out here, and there are lots of bright lights and lots of people, so now I'm wide awake. 
"It's been a very, very good trip. Everything's gone really, really well. We had a great time during the shoot yesterday. That was fantastic. Everybody involved in Penshoppe has been amazing. And then today I went out on a boat around Manila Bay. I went to take a look at the Manila skyline. You have a beautiful city here, a beautiful country, and beautiful, fantastic people."

On his new film project, Romeo and Juliet, where plays Tybalt:

"Yeah, [I'm] really excited. We got a really, really great script. It’s keeping the traditional flow of the Shakespeare traditional language but it's more accessible to a contemporary generation. And yeah, it's going to be fantastic. Hailee Steinfeld is playing Juliet—very talented actress—and I get to play the wonderful role of Tybalt, the cousin of Juliet. It's going to be an amazing time. We're going to shoot in Verona... We'll get to bring probably the most famous story of all time back to life."

On being thought of as "stylish": 

"It pays to look nice. I think fashion is an important part of our lives in this day and age, it's [a form of] self-expression, of self-reflection. Clothes make you feel confident, they make you feel good."

On the Penshoppe collection being a mix of Chuck Bass's and his own style:

"I think they are a combination [of Chuck Bass's and my style]. There aren't any multi-colored bowties or anything like that; there [are] lots of really cool jeans, great denims and great jackets."

On why he thinks he was chosen as Penshoppe's new poster boy: 

"I'd like to think I'm bringing a lot of my personality to [the Penshoppe campaign], as someone who's driven, somebody who's ambitious, somebody who's approachable. I think that's what Penshoppe is trying to do. It's an expression of creativity and there's also an international appeal. I think it's about bringing a global kind of feature to the brand."

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Love love love Ed Westwick! Love Love Love Penshoppe!

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