Monday, July 11, 2011

Five love stories: Lost, Never Found

I was rushing to Manila that day. I’m not this type of person... everything for me is planned, 3 days or a week advanced. Silly me for not being able to prepare much for this day... Perhaps, I never wanted this day to come.

Aside from the fact that I would be having a goodbye party with the small office friends I have, It is also the day that I would be giving back C’s stuff… these are the things that he gave me in the short span of our relationship.

Crappy lil material things that were “ONCE” the sweetest gifts I ever received. I was supposed to mail a black ring, a Starbucks phone chain and the beads bracelet he left at my car in one of our meetings. For the value of money, I decided to include the book I bought for him when we are still together… in the mail!

The Book? Yes, a book by Ricky Lee… The book is titled, “Para Kay B”… bought it because I wanted to alter it to “Para Kay Babe”. It was a popular book but I never thought that it was popular when I saw it in the bookstore… I only browsed the pages and thought these are FIVE cool love stories but, now, that I already read it—it’s some of the rare love stories with sad and tragic. How C and mine’s love end. Too sad, too tragic, truly meant to be.

So I planned to ship the book with the gifts to his house… but something happened. I thought that before the party I would be able to pass by LBC or DHL or FeDex but I didn’t have enough time for it since I was really rushing. I decided to go straight to the party and just ship it on another date.

That’s the plan but that wouldn’t happen anymore… In the party, I left my bag and the small orange plastic bag with the package… I was drinking chatting with my friends with this package near my bag 10 inches away from me. I’m not even drunk that time. When Cinderella’s time struck that I have to go home, I was looking for the small orange plastic bag and it was gone… My bag is still there but the orange plastic thingy is gone. I asked my friends if they saw it and none of them saw… I tried to look for it but it was gone.

Maybe an angel snatched it to make me realized that everything is gone… the end… fin. Now, somewhere, here, still hurts and aches. At times, I still want to cry but there are no more tears. I already changed numbers but, everyday, I still insert that SIMcard wait for 5 minutes for anything but nothing is received.    

To that angel who got that package, you can give it to him (it’s a package... his address is well written there), keep it or throw it away. It’s up to your hands now…

But for me, it’s gone, lost and will never be found. 

Love, now and always,

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