Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The King and Queen

How did the story began?

There's this guy in a jeopardize relationship with his girlfriend/partner for 5 years. There's this girl who's been single for quite a long time, was it 2 or 3 years? It was too long ago to remember. 

The communication started with simple exchanges of FB messages, then texts, then calls, then dates. Pure friendship. He needs someone to lean on and she is more willing to help out.

When it leaded to romance... I can't remember. All I know is that she already fallen and it was too late to stop, not even checkpoints, tollgates, warning signs could stop. 

So why did it stop now?

The girlfriend is back to take her crown. If you held this crown for quite a long time, as a queen, it would be hard to step down your monarchy. Not even Elizabeth would give Kate her crown in a glance. And of course, the king would be loyal to her queen, though there are princesses, duchesses, etc. Like in the game of chess, the king will always protect his queen.

She's not a queen, not a princess either. She will not step down... she'd been down there right from the start... And today, the queen can take her crown back together with her King.

love, now and always, 

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