Thursday, June 23, 2011

Happy 24th Year!

Today is my birthday. If you are friends with me on facebook, you would have known it because the massive messages on my wall. Or if you barged in my twitter, you would already know the ALLCAPS status I've posted this morning. 

Anyway, if you are here to greet me a happy birthday...Thank You! I'm already having a happy one. Last night didn't started out right and happy but I'm glad that it's moving along... "CUTE". The weather actually prevented me to go out but I was happy to stay at home, spend some quality time with the family, eat, watch movies, etc. 

My typical birthday story... no cake, no balloons, no fancy clothes. I don't have any make up. I didn't tie my hair perfectly. I'm not in my high 5 inches stilettos. Our plate was full with spaghetti and chicken. Typical kid's meal. I would want to invite kids to stay along with me... that would be fun but the weather is really not accommodating.

It's one of the simplest birthday I ever had. I always want people to see me as simple. That's a dream. As my Aunt says, how can I be simple... "If I love MAC, I want Apple, I need a Hummer, I want to retire and live in Central Park one day and Marry at the 3-years-or-so-reservervation-needed San Agustin Church in Intramuros." She said that I'm not simple. But I really want people to think of me as that. 

Define SIMPLE. For some girl who loves pink way too much, who would buy M'n'Ms then eats the brown ones first(because she thinks that it doesn't have a lot food color and it tastes so chocolatey), who likes long square nails, who wears her watch on the right hand to hide her scar, who comfortably stands on the right side(because she thinks she's always right)... SIMPLE IS JUST overrated. 

So today, as I welcome the 24th year of my life, I would start embracing the FACT that I'm not a simple HUMAN being. But I'm a totally unique-insane-psycho-genius individual. Yes, That's me. 

Thanks for the LOVE!

love, now and always, 

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