Sunday, June 05, 2011

2011: Plans and Planes [Updates]

I always start my year with a PLAN. Some of the plans are, even of, that things I know I wouldn't be able to accomplish but I write still. 

If my 2010 is a light year, my 2011 is a year full of decisions, choices, progress and saving up. 

Jan - Mar
I think the first quarter of the year would be light. Adjusting to the new year is something I always give myself a huge time to adapt. Why? Don't you have that phase too... when you always write the previous year on dates? Kidding. 

This quarter will also judge how I managed my 1st Sem in UP. And I hope for great grades... just because I know I'm great. Kidding again. 


  • Learn to Play Chess - FAIL
  • Submit my first ever Palanca Entry - Passed it last May
Well, it kinda hit off light. I resigned on my Job. Transferred to another... and very happy with it. I think the start of the year made me realize that if I really want to prove something, even if it risks everything, it's worth a try. 

April to June
This would be the phase where I decide If I will be spending my birthday out of the country--like Singapore or just go on with my 3rd quarter of the year plans.


  • Learn to Sew using that cute sewing machine - FAIL 
  • Enroll 3 subjects -FAIL... It could've been possible if I wrote a letter to the dean. :'( 

July to September
This is the month where Apple releases their newly upgraded and updated gadgets. Yes, I believe the iPhone you have now is the same iPhone 2g I toyed around for quite sometime, just in different shape, color, interface or whatever. I am decided now to buy the iPhone 5 or iPhone 4g/4gs... I wouldn't make the same mistakes of letting everything pass and be undecided like lasts' year! >.< Damn... I didn't get that iPhone 4. But, as I always say the more you wait the more you love!


  • Buy iPhone 5 - I WILL!
  • Decide for the Last quarter of the year MAJOR MAJOR MOVE - Already decided for it when I resigned from my JOB!

October to December
I really don't have to decide for this quarter. I well planned it in the short holiday 2010 break and I'm a hundred and ninety-nine percent sure that I'm resigning from my current job [not if they allow 6 months leave?]. I'll be flying to US on November. Yes, right after James' graduation. Well, be spending the Halloween, Christmas, New Year, Valentines, and perhaps even the Holy Week there. 

  • Buy winter clothes... Hello snowy! - FAIL, won't go to US this year. Change of plans...

I know 2011 will be a great year. I'm actually excited about how this year ends than how it is  beginning. It starts light and easy. I'll go on it, move fast and make huge decisions, then, end it with a bing bang theory of quitting my job and flying to US.

Oh! I love it! 

My 2011 motto: GLOW, GLOW, GLOW!!! - changed it to Go, Fierce, Glow!!!
The Gadgets I plan to buy: A new phone and a new laptop - already bought a new phone... sony sponsored the rebuff of my laptop. I think I don't have to change it this early. 
Habits I plan to stop: Cursing [successful with it], sleeping late[still woking on it], playing too much online games [Successful with it]
Place I want to go: Cebu [our headquarter's in Cebu =)]
Things I want to learn: Play chess, learn to ride a bike! [FAIL]

My over-all goal: THIS YEAR I'LL WRITE A NOVEL! [This year I will rent my own place!!!]

love, now and always, 


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  2. gagawa nga rin ako ng listahan :)

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