Sunday, May 29, 2011

Less Than 30

It's my first time quick blogging from my phone. Hopefully not making this some spam rant blogsite.  

Went to the mall today with family. Actually, the first fam day since dad went back...    

We watched two films, pirates and kung fu. I enjoyed the pirate as much as I enjoyed waiting for it. Haha. The kung fu? Fell asleep on the first 20 mins, not because the movie sucks, but I'm just such a sleepyhead. Will post a review about it later.  

Okay, for the topic of this blog post. After the movie, our fam decided to split up... Mom went to red ribbon and pizza hut to take some food at home, papa and my lil bro went to ace to buy something and I went to the dept. Store.  

Dept store? Yes. I'm going to buy some hair pins fot my curl-hair project. Was able to buy some goodies pricey hairpin @ 89php. 

The magical thing that happened is that I was able to find nicey lil things at less that 30php. What are these??? *drumroll* 

Yup. The one on the right is a net envelope meant to be used as a protector of our pricey notebooks. The on the left is a pencil case or in my case, I'm making it a make up kit. Love it. 

After that, I went to pinkbox to look at some notebooks since school days are back again. But that would be on another post. I'll tell you more about this annoying saleslady, how to deal with grad school slash homeschool... and the things that I plan to achieve in the next half of this year. Oh, and I haven't done a birthday wishlist post. That would be something to watchout. =)
 love, now and always, 
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