Wednesday, March 30, 2011

2 Liter of blog post: The Lost One, in the Loving Memory of My Lost Phone

Frankly, I really want and desire for an iPhone 4. But I wasn’t able to buy it last December for reservation and delivery reasons (if it will come from Singapore). I firmly decided to wait for the next generation since it will soon release within the mid-year and promised not to buy any other phone until my iPhone 5 dreams come true. 

I told myself that since my old HTC TYTN II is still in good shape and still a rockstar, it will be enough for me until iPhone comes. Also, I have a dual sim pretty pink cherry x90 to support as a second phone—so waiting for it wouldn’t be much of a pain. Besides, my HTC’s a PDA QWERTY, magically fast in browsing, runs 8gb of memory, and a windows mobile installed with a very functional twitter application—a rockstar really.

I really thought that it will serve me some more months. 

My HTC was given to me last May 2008 by my father. After losing 2 phones, he didn’t gave me any fancy phone until I truly learned my lesson and the HTC was the reward for getting through 3 years of college with a very Jurassic nokia 7270 phone and not losing it. The HTC came in as a surprise gift before leaving for a Singapore trip. It’s one of those phones that we have to travel from SM north to SM Mall of Asia to be able to look for the best QWERTY phone. I have to say that buying it was a struggle. Any expensive thing bought with the consent of my father was a struggle…. the JVC video cam, my old laptop, my car, my SLR and the HTC—to name a few. When I say struggle, it means that it’s like we are acquiring a very huge property that the sales man would run out of answers to my fathers’ questions. The price is not a question, he would buy it if I want it but he makes sure it is a good investment and would really last long. 

The struggle of the HTC is like this, we went around SM North EDSA maybe spend 3 hours of walking and talking. We knew right from there that we wanted the HTC but my father still wants to checkout the phones in MOA and try to look for something else. We went around the gadget shops, just imagine the vast gadget section and entering and asking one by one… to find a phone. We ended up buying the HTC. I have to say that it is very sturdy. It served well for 3 years. Me, my brother and mother get to use it. It’s one of the phones that, even if it degraded its value from 56k to 8k now, I consider the best, if not the greatest of all the phones I ever had.

It’s still a head turner up to this day and, when I use it publicly, I know it can put my life at stake. I was happy using it. I actually chose to keep it than sell it like my other phones… for the reason that it was specially chosen and given by my father. Actually, it’s the last cellphone he gave me (not if, he will give me an iPhone… haha) that’s why it holds a special memory. 

I really had no plans of selling it. My mom and I used to joke around that we’d rather have it framed and displayed than sell it. And yes, I wouldn’t sell it, I promised my self that I would wait for that day that it naturally dies.

Not until, it was STOLEN. Losing it, wouldn’t really be a problem but being stolen at our own house with only four of us living there with all my relatives… that is a BIG issue. 

Who else would steal it?

My brother wouldn’t get it. He got a way better high-end phone than look at an old QWERTY phone. My uncle wouldn’t get it as well. He manages the family’s apartment, he may not have a regular job but he owns some properties acquired from my grandparents and, I think, he receives a monthly allowance for doing the managing of the properties. 

So there’s only two left to be the suspect… ME and the other ONE who lives there. How the hell can I steal my own phone? That’s not possible and with all the sentimental and emotional value and importance that come with it, I wouldn’t even think about selling it. Now, we are left with only one suspect and I’m pretty sure that he’s the ONE. With all the history of stealing from his own parents and my grandparents, he’s definitely the ONE.

It wouldn’t really hurt this much if it wasn’t my cousin or if lost it or left it somewhere. I wouldn’t really rant this much if we are not FAMILY. Not to mention, I helped that bastard to graduate in high school. I helped him review all his subject retakes. I can list down more of what I did for him and their family but it would only take more words and pages.

For sure, someone in our FAMILY would defend him again… like they always do. I don’t have a proof. We are four people living in that house, we are family. He’s the ONE. Look at him, his life? Is it a good one? Well, I couldn’t really blame anyone. 

I’m proud to say that we have the best parents. My father, though away all the time, had given us all the love and support we need and my mother is always here is for us. Our relatives in our mother side don’t have the wealth and prestige, all but love. 

We grew up this way because we are not given special attention by these people, they never bought us cool toys and clothes. They look at us like we are lords and lucky to have parents who can provide us well, so they never really cared for us like these two boys BEFORE. 

But look at them now, look at him now? 
Where is he? What he’s done? 

I’d rather not beg the love of these people. 

It’s been a month now since my phone was lost. I still can’t move on. The anger in my heart is too solid. I hate the person who stole my phone, his daughter, his wife, his whole family and God forgive him for stealing my phone. God forgive me for hating this much.

But time heals all wounds. I can forgive in time. But not NOW.

love, now and always, 

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