Tuesday, June 23, 1987


I love unicorns, mermaids, and rainbows. My overly sweet and caring personality makes you want to be my friend. Also the same reason why I never get the guy. (Laging friendzone)

On my not so busy days: I practice flourish calligraphy and playing the ukulele. I also do loose florals and landscape watercolor painting on the side. 

But don't get fooled with all the artsy personality... I'm so up for a feel good - chickflick Kathniel, Lizquen, Aldub you name it. Or Kdrama marathon it is. (haller, kilig - kilig din pag may time).

And if you're asking why I'm unreachable on Sundays? It's my personal day with the Lord.

I always ask people "special" to me to read my favorite book. In exchange, I also read theirs. 

Answer this question:
You are on a date. What do u prefer: coffee, tea or me? I PREFER YOU CHOOSE TEA. 

Love, now and always,


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