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  • Signing In and Out of Love
  • A Solemn Vow--"Marriage is not like love that when you fall, you fall"
Signing In and Out of Love
When boy meets girl it’s not always that they like each other at first sight. Sometimes it takes time for them to like each other, sometimes only the boy feels a special liking for the girl and on worst times only the girl feels something special for the guy.
But what if you haven’t seen each other? Or never seen each other in reality at all? You met him online (or in the cyber space) in a chat room or online game maybe. Both of you are individuals seeking for someone to talk to and, maybe, someone to love. But you are both afraid of what world or relationship you are starting. This world might built or destroy something. This relationship might stay within the walls of this cyber world or it might go beyond it and becomes real. How can one be sure that a love in the cyber space is real? Can someone tell? Unfortunately, I’m not a love expert or a love doctor either online or offline. So, what do I know?

Well, I’ve been in the cyber world for five years. Web surfing, instant messaging, chatting, blogging, online gaming and a lot more are the activities I tried online… Name it and I’m sure, I tried it. Because of the cyber world, I have learned a lot of things about love, about signing in, signing out and maybe signing in again to love.

How does a relationship online start? Ready, get set, go! Turn on your computers, connect to the internet, register to a chat client or online game, and then, sign in. Click here, click there and welcome to the cyber world.

You PM(Personal Message) him or he PM’s you, then, the exchange of info’s about each other comes next—ASL’s(Age Sex and Location), Friendster E-adds, Photo Sharing, etc.

If he likes you, he adds you to his list or in reality, that’s when he starts to court you. He waits for you to sign in. When you just logged in, he’s the first to greet or notice you. He entertains you with different stuffs you can both do online. He feels sad when you are about to sign out. And when you’re offline, he sends sweet e-mails, romantic e-cards and messages with smileys of hugs and kisses.

He confesses his feelings and tells you that he falls deeply in love with you. But, of course, you are always reminding yourself that it’s just an online thingy and it all ends when you both sign out. But he explains that it is more than what you think it is. He says he is sincere and because you also had fallen, you decided to give love a chance.

Part of the giving of love a chance is the EB(eye-ball) or official meeting. You will both set the place, date and time of your EB. You might as well exchange cell phone numbers and tell each other what you look like or what clothes you will wear during the EB. When everything’s agreed upon mix emotions rises between the two of you. Excitement, tension, and worrying if he won’t like you or you won’t like him as much as you like each other when you’re both online. The day has finally come and you are ready to meet him and ready for whatever happens next.

It was a gift from God. He is exactly what you are waiting and praying for. To him you’re an angel sent from up above. The love is so real. Oh, what a perfect combination…

But no matter how one tries to be perfect, a relationship always has its ups and downs. The boy you loved online changes each day when you’re with him in reality. He is not anymore the guy who’s sweet, who’s cool and who’s perfect. He is just like the boyfriends you had in the past that broke your heart. And your damage control is going back online and getting back to the start of your relationship that seems so perfect.

Both of you are back in your very own cyber space. But it isn’t the same cyber world you had, it is very different now. He still waits for you to sign in but when you already logged in it’s always his time to go. He still greets you but only with the simple hi’s and hello’s. He doesn’t entertain you anymore. He feels glad when you are about to sign out. And when you’re offline, he doesn’t send e-mails, e-cards and no messages with smileys at all. It’s all gone and you’re the only one who’s signing in to love. All that’s left are pains and tears.

What will you do now? You’ll stop crying, you will immediately log in and erase all that’s connected to him; all the messages he sent to you that you saved, his sweet e-mails and e-cards stored in your e-mail’s inbox and even his name on your list.

Then, that’s when you start again. You’re signing out to the relationship you had with him. You’re ready to get over and forgive him. The mistakes are just lessons of yesterdays and you’re not keeping any grudge to him. Instead of hating him, you are now thanking him for learning with you about love—and that is when love is true, whether online or offline, it shall, it will and it can conquer all.

You are ready in signing in to a new start because you know that the pains and tears of yesterday will not lead you to the perfect person but to the one that you are both perfect for each other.

A Solemn Vow--"Marriage is not like love
that when you fall, you fall"
“With this hand I will lift your sorrows. Your cup will never be empty, for I will be your wine. With this candle, I will light your way into darkness. With this ring, I ask you to be mine”, a line from Corpse Bride.
Marriage is a divine institution and intimate union with the blessing of God. It can also be described as a committed, loving relationship with or without children. It is a promise, a vow, which is not to be broken. It is a gift God gave us for the well being of the entire human family. It is more than a civil contract between a man and woman. It is when the man and woman became one flesh to live faithfully together before god and the Church.

Marriage is created by God for our good. Many people however find it as a puzzling thing. A great number of people craves and wants to get into it while some are desperately trying to get out of it.

Do you want to get married? To be married is still on the top dreams of many and it’s everyone’s dream to be. But dreams can always turn out to be nightmares. If that happens, will you still wish to be married? What if you are sick and dying? Will you still search for the perfect one? What if you can’t give her a perfect life? Will you still wish to be married? Will you marry him if he is jobless? Now, do you still want to? These questions are not to threaten you to stop dreaming about marriage and marrying someone. What I am driving at is that marriage, according to the oldest and most effective definition of it, is not like rice that you’ll swallow and spill if it’s hot. It is not a piece of paper that you’ll sign and if you’re tired of it you’ll crumple or burn it. It is not a simple promise that one can always break. It’s not as simple as “I do’s”. It’s like a problem that you cannot get away from and all you have to do is to face it. It’s a whole life commitment, covenant, promise and vow to God and to your partner.

What is your reason for marriage? Is it to be happy, to have someone to love, to have someone to grow old with, to have someone take care of you, to have someone who can be there for you? Is it when a boy likes girl and the girls likes the boy and the two make a decision to be together forever? Is it? If that’s what you think you’re definitely wrong. Your reason should rather be to make someone happy, to share love with God as the center of your married life, to grow old with someone with God’s guidance, to take care of someone the way you take care of your relationship with God. The reason for marriage is for God to make two saints out of you, and then to raise little saints for God from your children.

“I take thee to be my wedded husband/wife, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love, honor, and cherish, 'til death do us part”.

Marriage is a promise. If you think that you are promising only to your partner, you’re wrong because in the sacrament of matrimony, you’re also promising to God. Your promise to God only ends when you die. It is a solemn vow so you must really think about it before entering its door.

Marriage between a man and wife has many things to fulfill. The wedded couple should make God the center of their married life. They should be the only true love of each other. They should cherish their friendship. They should trust and honor each other. They should laugh and cry together. They should accept the partner’s best and the worst, through the difficult and the easy times. When troubles come they will always be there for each other. They should take their hand to hold and life to keep when the other needs it. Wives should be subordinate to their husbands in everything as the Church is subordinate to God. Husbands should love their wives as God loved the Church. The husband and wife shall become one flesh in the name of the God, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Marriage is not something we should rush into. It’s is not like love that comes unexpectedly. It’s not like love that when you fall, you fall. Marriage should be planned. Like love it should not be controlled by feelings. It should not do anything and everything it feels and it should be controlled by principles. “You can love everyone but you will vow to God with your only one”. Present to God the one you choose to be with for the rest of your life. For the rest of your life means forever and it’s hard, isn’t it? Yes, that’s why every one of us should take time and truly ask Gods blessing and guidance in choosing the perfect mate.


Oh _ _ _ - _ _ _ _ , kung tawagin
Gusto kong umiyak, gusto kong tumawa. Gusto kong sabihin mahal kita. Ang labo. Hindi nga ba’t sadyang wala nang kasing tanga pa ang isang taong nagmamahal?
Nakita mo siya, nakita ka nya. Nagkatagpo kayong dalawa. Umibig ka o inibig ka nya. Inamin mo o inamin nya. At naging kayong dalawa. Simple ngunit bakit kapag nandyan na at totoohanan na talaga ang hirap isalba.

Bakit nga ba ang isang nagmamahal ay nawawalan ng logic? Hindi patas at may pinapanigan. Saan ka nga ba kakampi? Hindi nga ba’t sa mahal mo. Baka sabihin mo na nagkakamali ako. Pero saan ka nga ba kakampi? Maiisip mo pa ba ang tama? Kung ang mahal mo ay mahal mong talaga.

Bakit nga ba ang isang nagmamahal ay ginagawang virtues ang mga vices? Hindi tayo perpekto at bukas ang aking pang unawa na bawat isa sa atin ay may nakagagawa ng mga pagkakamali. Sa isang nilalang na hindi malapit sa iyo madali mong husgahan siya at sabihin ang kanyang mga kamalian. Sa isang taong mahal mo, ang mga kamaliang ito ay nagiging kagalingan. At bakit nga ba ang nagmamahal ay gumagawa ng mga bgay na hindi talagang maintindihan? Basta’t kung nagmamahal ka na katulad ko hindi mo rin alam ang mga sagot sa mga katanungan.

Minsan ang pag-ibig ay parang isang sayaw. Bago ka sumabak sa sayawan ay dapat may baon kang mga galaw. Ngunit hindi sapat na alam mo lamang ang mga ito. Maaring mag isa ka lamang sa pag sayaw o hanapin mo ang iyong kapares. Kailangan mong sumayaw at sumunod sa indak ng puso. May mga sitwasyon na ang nagmamahal ay nawawala sa indak ng sayaw. Maari din namang matapakan nya ang kanyang kasayaw. Pwede ring humanap na lamang siya ng ibang kapareha. Maari ring mag-isa o magkanya-kanya na lamang.

Sa pag-ibig hindi sapat na alam mo lamang ang ibig sabihin nito dapat ay nadama ka na nito o may pag-ibig kang likas sa iyong sarili. Sa pag-ibig maaring humanap ka ng mamahalin o magmahal ka ng walang inaasahang kapalit. Hindi rin ibig sabihin na may minamahal ka ay maayos na ang lahat. Kailangan mong alamin parin ang mga bawal at limitasyon ng pag-ibig. Maaring ikaw ang magkamali o magawan ng kamalian. Kung hindi na talaga para sa iyo ito, marahil hahanap o maghihintay ka na lamang ng susunod mong mamahalin. Masakit man ay maaring mag tampo na sa iyo ang pag-ibig at ika’y mag-iisa.

Ngunit wag kang mangamba. Hindi sa lahat ng panahon ay masakit ang nag iisa. Oo nga’t wala nang sasarap pa sa may minamahal at nagmamahal. Pero may mga panahon na kahit ika’y nag-iisa masaya ka na sa mga umiibig at nadarama nito.

Ganun naman talaga ang buhay kung sino ang minahal mo ay asahan mong siya ang gagawa sa iyo ng labis na sakit at kalungkutan. Kasama ng pagmamahal ang tampuhan at ilang hindi pagkaka-unawaan. Ayos lamang ito. Wag kang mangamba dahil kung may mawala ay sadyang may inihanda ang Diyos na kapalit nito.

Puso mo ang sundin mo sa mga bagay na ito. Sinabi man nila na ang utak dapat ang mas pairalin. Ngunit ang puso kapag naranasan o naramdaman na ang pagiging masaya. Duon lang ay kontento na siya.

  • No Forever
  • For My Knight
  • Endless
  • Even More
  • Stained Glass Love
  • 8 words given emotions spoken
  • I love you
  • Being With You!
  • Being Single
  • I’m your…
  • Earphone
  • This Day
  • The Star
No Forever

In my hell I am alone
It’s the deepest depths on my own
You returned and gave what you sow
I was in hate coz it’s forever you thrown.


For My Knight

I first met you at this online game—Ragnarok
You were a knight, as popular as I seem

I was a weak priestess who just hangs out a lot
You were a guild master, a leader full of sash

I like you but I know it’s just a game
And I want to see you but only time can say
Meeting you in reality is all I want to came
But my fears are all I had today

Many days had past
Months also went so fast
My like turned into some love
Hoping you’ll someday grab

But I never told you I love you
And I know you’ll never ask
I never had the courage to tell you
I’m afraid because our friendship might turn into dust

Blame me and not my heart
For it falls for you so deep
Please! Blame my heart
For what it feels, it never speaks

I saw you finally and looked so great
My feelings grew deeper
And now that I can touch you
I know what I feel is real

I wonder if you like me
I wonder if you care
I wonder if you’re willing
To take this part and love we’ll share

But the sad part is you didn’t like me
You never cared for what I feel
You’re never willing to take the chance
To try if this love we can interfere

How can I be sure you didn’t love me?
If I never told and never ask
How can I know your feelings?
If all I do is wait for you to be the one to ask

And now I’m not going to wait anymore
I won’t keep all the “what ifs” in my mind
I’m telling you now what I really feel
I love you and that’s what I feel for real



Endless sigh
Endless breathing
Endless pain
In my heart concealing

I’m close to you
But you're far
I’m with you
Don’t care what we are

I pull you up
You pulled me down
Left me a piece
Torn in one town

I gave you life
You showed me light
But then again
There’s no room to fight

Closed my eyes
But it’s you I see
In my wildest dreams
In my fantasy

Opened my heart
You walk my way
Left this place
Where you should stay

I’m hurting now
And hurting more
Wanting you
To hurt me once more

It’s painful to us
But can’t you see
This world is perfect
If there is no pain for me

Always crying
Almost dying
Out of way
To what I’m trying

It saddens me
We’re parting ways
I let you go
But I want you to stay

I thank the Lord
You’re such a gift
You made me smile
Behind this tears

Rather keep
Than forget your mine
Rather cry
Than let me fly

Goodbye to you
Peace for me
Bid a farewell
To the ill reality

This how it’s meant
This is how should be
Losing you
The one true love for me...


Even More

So fAR from the one I love
I can’t get of him enough
So BLUE is the red heart I used to have
It tries beating against the gaps

I Breath one more day for you
For another chance of something true
I’ll be your HAMMOCK every single day
It will be tiring but I want you to stay

The PASSION of love grows
Each day, every way, and in anything I say
But the LONELINESS of it always stays
Hoping someday you’ll wash away the pain

And Alone in this place
I’ll be WHOLE again, you’ll be with me,
and it will bleed even more.


Stained Glass Loved?

First, an accurate theme a glass
could fit next a matching window
of relationships,
a stained glass in windows
in places welcoming
strangers knowing no stages,
if not closed, if not sealed,
it allows passing air, sound and lights,
everything for together can breathe.

Held by frames that prevents
them from collapsing.
Like a window but never built for its way,
It closes walls, it lets light inside but
never allows seeing what’s outside like
us, but never minding the world
We closed, our doors locking
our hearts inside, never allowing
visitors outside to glimpse what’s in
Our contained reality.

A perfect picture at a glance
As you look closer
You’ll see it’s broken,
Forms the lies, some lines,
Patterns, pictures held together.
Painted on memories
Enhancing designs onto the glasses
Annealing coupled experience
True test through time,
withstooding and remaining substantially unbroken.

When destroyed through wars,
Could it be revived?
Is it the same glass?
When revived through desires,
Could the past be unchanged?
Is the love still the same?

Stained glass forms an art that
Narrates, illustrates, illiterates,
Those major pictorial forms our love in populace.
Glasses can be smashed and
Replace with anew.
Few remained undamaged
And stained glass dies too
But you never have to die with it,
It remains a memory
Glasses retains a century
A love surpassing all boundaries.


8 words given emotions spoken

given the words fish, dino, moon, sun, earth, computer, worm, sea

I'll catch the fish just to be with you...
Tame a dino to please someone like you...
Make the moon appear at daytime with you...
And the sun to shine my love for you...

In this Planet Earth there's only one you...
In my computer there's only one choice...
And yes it's you...
And no, I won't leave you...

Even the smallest worm can see...
What you really mean to me...
There is only one you in my deepest sea...
And in that I truly love you can't you see?


I love you
I love thee in the way you moved
In the way you stand, in the way you grooved
I love thee thou you cannot prove
Your love for me, your love in scoop

I give thee this very eyes
Thy gentle touch, thy sweetest smile
I give thee my heart and soul
Thy heart to beat and soul to glow

I thank thee for the love I found
For the missing piece in my puzzled town
I thank thee for the air I breathe
For the pains that bleed, for the joys of seed

I share thee my very life
Until the endth and until I die
I share thee all that's mine
The moon at night, the stars that shine

I promised to thee to be the only loved
Only craved, only sobbed
I promised thee the forever us
The forever you and the forever me

I love thee, I love you
For keeping me, for wanting me
I love thee in God's will and ways
In God's grace we bind, In God's guide we love always.


Being With You!
To be with you is to be with gladness
To forget the dusts and pains of sadness
To give myself such a wonderful happiness
To take away the marks of bitterness

Without you life will be too messy
Without you life won't be this easy
Without you love will be so weary
Without you love would be so empty

Being with you is being with serenity
Being with you is living without stupidity
Being with you is the endless feeling of totality
Being with you is like being with God,Basically.


Being Single

...Is being free
Being wild!
An endless feeling of being nasty...
Or an outrageous feeling of being naughty.

Guess who is single?
It ain't you! 'Coz it's me!
Ask me why??
Yeah right, don't be shy!

I am single coz I am, damn, afraid of commitment
And as well as, tropical and deadly enchantment.
I don't hate guys...but I hate their mentality...
The urge and goal of them being manly

Their way on how love is proved
Their ways on how girls being forced to do such move.
Being alone is not being single
It's not losing someone to hold and to mingle.

Because when you're single
You have all the chance to go on and wiggle.
Friends, lovers, countrymen come and join me...
As I take away the phobia of being lonely

You don't have to be sad
and don't be mad
Just be like me...

I chose to be single
Coz I chose to be free
I chose to be single
Coz I chose to be me!


I’m your…

I'm your slave andyou're a master I'm a fuel and you're water
I'm a weed and you're a flower
I'm sweet andyou're sweeter
I'm a poet andyou're a singer
I'm an actress and you're a dancer
I'm boring and you're eager
I'm cold andyou're my heater
I'm human and you're my shelter
I'm a color you'remy painter
There are many tings we're not together
But when we collide our world are better



I would like to share my thoughts for you through an ear phone...
Please Hold back just listen and don't answer the phone!!!

Special things don't come to begin When there are spaces you can't win
In your heart I know I'm not in pin
Even my tears don't even mean

I know you're life is a miserable one
Always into something that's always done
You're saving magic but don't know its gone
Waiting for bliss under the heat of the sun

You know my life is full of dangers
Because I'm with a lot of strangers
But I don't think it made me stronger
Anyways in my life you're my changer

This two hearts are already broken
Cause some words are already spoken
The answer to this is not always given
And I'm so sorry with you I just fallen.


This Day

You know I've been waiting for this day to finally tell you
that I really, really do endlessly love you!
I love everything and anything about you
I love your mistakes, incapacity and faults
I love your negativity as a person
I love you not only because you're perfect
I love you most when you flawed

How you smile honestly
How you spent you're money so easy
How your eyes meets mine
How you are when you are shy
And for all the times you cry

You're dreams are too high like mine
She doesn't like you!
Something's telling me she really doesn't
I just know that she like you not "YOU"
But I can't do anything
I can wait but definitely not forever
My time will come and I'll go on
So if ever you change your mind look back..
I'm here, waiting on!
Pls. look back,before I'll go on


The Star

The star in the sky
Is always too high
I can't even reach it while I fly
And I cannot find the reason why

The star in my mind
Is one of a kind
So hard for me to constantly bind
Always in place where I cannot find

The star in my heart is always flying
He always hides when I was seeking
He always laughs when I was crying
I cannot take it I felt like dying

For all the times this star had hurt me hurt
I wish someday he will also take me
Or someday somehow will cherish and thank me
Coz there is a love that guides him from within me


Kung ako ay isang…

Kung ako ay isang pangarap Ika’y nais tuparin sa hinaharap
Kahit ang ibigin kay puno ng hirap
Iiwanan ko nalang ang sarap

Kung ako ay isang damdamin
Ika’y ibig ko nang sabihin
Kahit ang salita ay may puputulin
Kung wala ka ito ba’y aanhin?

Kung ako ay isang larawan
Ika’y gusto ko nang matanawan
Pagka’t mabuhay sa kalawakan
At wala kay isang dahilan

  • Baby
  • I don't Wanna
  • We Used To


Baby when I met you I feel so complete

I was like an angel on the floor

The entire thing for me is bright and beautiful

All I think about is you

Chorus I:

I like you baby oh..woh..oh

I like you so...

I choose you baby oh..woh..oh

And I don’t want you to know

That I’ve been needin

I’ve been you wanting you

Since you left me from then on


Baby since you left me I feel so alone

I wasn’t like the girl u saw before

Everything around me seems to be ignored

All I think about is you

Chorus II:

I miss you baby oh..woh..oh

I miss you so

I love you baby oh..woh..oh

And I don’t want you to know

That I’ve been needin

I’ve been you wanting you

Since you left me from then on


Baby I need you in my life

and wish I could be with you all my life

So Please be mine

Chorus I and II


I don't Wanna

I don’t wanna rush to fall in love with youI don’t wanna fall so much when I’m with you
All I want is you to hold me in your arms
To keep your strength so strong
To give you love so long
To lift you up till dawn

I don’t wanna live my life so alone
I don’t wanna cry in pain to be with you
All I want is you to seize the day for me
To keep my bended knee
To raise me when I’m down
To give me love so long

I just wanna wait for you to be with me forever
I just wanna pray that we’ll still be together
I’ll try so hard to keep the hope within me
To hope your love will grow
For you to love me so


We Used To

It gets harder each day
And I can't think of anything newBut I love you
Every way I just can't stop dreaming of you
How we used to

Reach each other,
Held each other
And be with each other in our both ways
Hug each other,
Kiss each other
And love Each other in our own way

It gets harder each night
And I can’t stop thinking of you
But I still Miss you
Everyday the pain is still growing inside
Even we used to

I love you but this is how we should be...
Forget each other,
Forgive each other,
And give up each other painfully
But I still remember you and me

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