Tuesday, September 25, 2018

To the One Who Ran Away

What I'm Listening To:  Tahimik - Yeng Constantino
Currently Feeling: I feel like I lost my chance at Happy Ever After
Disclaimer: Hugot on the way

Summary: I guess after all these years, I really still love him. Because there was nothing to gain, and that didn't matter.

I always believed in the quote, "When you love someone, set him free. When he comes back to you then, he's yours. When he doesn't then, he will be happier with someone else." 

I always hated second chances but over this guy, I wanted to start again. It might not be perfect, with all the drama that came with it, and yet, here I am, still waiting for the big comeback. 

So when this person came back, my heart believed, this second chance is meant to be. Or maybe, he really didn't come back at all and it was just me. 

After all, the first step would've never ceased its life without me taking. If I hadn't pushed myself and had the courage to really reach out, it was obviously true that no comebacks ever exists. 

But then again, after all these years, you are the only person I imagined my life to be with till the end of days. If my heart can forgive you, it meant I can fight for you. If my love wins over the past no matter what then, the fight is over. If I don't care about anything else but US then, that's what really mattersThen, coming back, taking all the risks is always worth it. 

Above all, even if it ended with you running away, IT WAS WORTH IT.

Love, now and always,


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