Friday, January 12, 2018

Welcome to My Blog

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Disclaimer: Mandatory Welcome Speech.

Summary: My Same Old Brand New Blog 

Hey there! Welcome to my blog. I just want to share that I purposely deleted my old blog... just because I CAN. (OMG! WTF! BBQ!)


I guess at 30, I realized that there's too much going on on my old blog. Too much pleasing. Too much drama. Too much "trying to be someone else". When in fact, it's MY BLOG.

So now, I'm not only changing its look and feel but I will also be sharing stories from my own journey... at 30, single by choice, I have lots to share.

I hope every time you visit here and read a paragraph or two, you will feel touched, inspired and give you more reason to look forward to life. 

Life is not so short anyway. Time is.

PS: I will be posting corporate stuff from my writing gigs but it's nothing commercial. #hushhush

Love, now and always,



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