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Instant Prints 101

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Summary: Quick history of instant Cameras 

Dr. Edwin H. Land conceived the idea of an instant camera in 1943 when his 3-year-old daughter asked why a camera could not instantly produce picture and view it right after it was taken. 

Ahead of its time--the idea of having a camera that would produce photos as soon as its shutters click may seem a crazy idea then. But with years of research and prototypes, the first Polaroid camera was born in 1948. Eventually, Dr. Land's Polaroid products gained wide acceptance all over the world. 

Polaroid Model 95, the company's first instant camera introduced in 1948
After the invention of Polaroid, other different instant cameras where soon developed. Cameras from Keystone, Konica and Minolta used the same Polaroid compatible films. Kodak, on the other hand, created a film that was chemically similar to Polaroid but the "exception that the negative was exposed from the rear and the dye/developers diffused to the front of the photograph. This alleviated the need for a mirror to reverse the image before it struck the negative."

Kodaks attempt for creating an instant camera didn't last long as Polaroid brought a patent-infringement lawsuit against them.  Eventually, Kodak was forced to stop manufacture of both the camera and film.

Later on, Fujifilm, produced several lines of instant films starting early 1980's. This was made possible through an agreement with Polaroid that Fujifilm can only distribute in certain territories until the original Polaroid patents expire in mid 1990s. 

In the late 1990s Fujifilm introduced a new series of cameras using a new film called instax and it was made available in markets outside the US.

2008 - instax system was the only integral instant film system in production
2014 - instax Mini 8 was outselling flagship models
2016 - sales of instax cameras has risen to 5 million units than the previous years. 

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