Tuesday, November 21, 2017

To the young me and you

It's been too long since I posted on this blog and I'm not really sure if anyone is reading this. But if you do, thank you for being there.

A lot has changed about me and about my life. I will share more what happened at work and the path I chose to take soon. But for now, I want to write a blog dedicated to my old, young self. I have been so  focused on what the future will be and didn't even thank the young me.
The young me was self-centered, stubborn and always felt she was alone. Yes, maybe because growing up, my parents is not really with me all the time. It took awhile for the old me to accept and understand that. But growing up without parents, taught that little girl to be independent, to stand for decisions, even break some rules and take responsibility for it.
I didn't have too many friends even before because my Grandparents protected me too much. I am not allowed to play outside and go with random people which helped me now... Living alone is not that hard to do. I don't depend my happiness on friends. I don't need the assurance of anyone to make myself better. I enjoy the company of the small circle of friends that I truly keep inside my heart but, at the same time, I enjoy me times. I can sit all day dreaming, watching TV series, reading or just bumming around. It's a talent but of course, we have things to do in life so let's keep moving.
The young and in love me is also the reason why I am still single now. She was heartbroken, reprimanded to entertain boys (which, I now know why I shouldn't), and hoped too much. Young love, sweet love and the kilig I get from side stares at the hallways of the school. The meant to be dance partners as if the stars aligned. I go back, close my eyes to the feelings and it was maybe 2002 again... Those made me believe that true love is on its way, to never lose hope and destiny will find the older me.
And finally, thanks to the young me who tried and tried and tried. I guess I'm the type who never really get it the first time or maybe even the second try but what matters is I get to achieve it at some point. Trying, hard work and positivity that one day, some day I will get it. I guess, we don't really get what we want because when we already got it  there's already a new goal or another dream waiting on the line... These things keep us on the ground to make us keep on trying.
Thanks to the young me for loving to live and who made this life worth living. You deserve where you are now.

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