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Instead of writing this article, I decided to write this first. 
Deadlines are deadlines. 
But, hey, (c’mon it won’t follow with I just met you and this is crazy. @hole!) It’s been writer’s block since 9 in the morning and I’m off to another Starbucks— iced, no whip, venti Caramel Macchiato, yeah. Damn, it’s almost 3.

I played Ragnarok since it first came in PH, when I was in 4th year high school to be exact. Hey, no judgment please, I still fit the Millennial barracks...

So why am I writing about Ragnarok? I quitted way back in 2011 and never came back. Well, I still migrated my account to iRO in case I decide to be a BUM again. But, never logged it in. Not even once.

Actually, for me, there was never a time it closed, I never felt it because I quitted before the end of that ERA came.

But with the news that it's back now in PH, would it hurt to play it again? I’m cool to play this game before, I’m cool to play it again now.

In my heart, I do want to play RO. But with too much on my plate: work, life and changing the World One Child at a Time, can I STILL manage it?

Before, RO was my Real life. I attended more Guild EB’s than family reunions, dated more RO guys than blockmates, called my brother OTP to warp me to GH, cried over wasted Yggdrasil Leaf and silver knife of Chastity and received headgears WAYYYYYY more than flowers. 

It was indeed a beautiful chapter in my life and if not to RO, I will not have friends I truly  TRULY cherish in life(shout out to DetteAnneRobinAmba), my heart will not be broken and I won’t also know my confiDante who always listens to my tantrums, and I will not have any confidence to write. Hello, Ragnarok Online Love Story and Resume of Lovers, author here. Hope you read that folks! 

And also, I don’t think I’ll have enormous knowledge about computers and fast typing skills without RO, my Ifrit and endless tower experience paid off. Thanks to Daddy “Gold Dazer”.  

Gosh, this isn’t how I wanted this post to go.

Should I really play Ragnarok again? Am I too old for that? Will it run on Mac? Will my friends still be there? Well, I basically know how will it end. I’ve seen its downfall. It’s like resurrecting “Friendster” all over again.

Is it Why play Ragnarok again? Why Not? Or Why not so much?

Torn. Here goes my confused barefaced heart, I really want to play it and I guess I will. It wouldn’t hurt…

…Apart from meeting my friends again IG, I can meet new friends. Meaning new additions to my family 
.…I’m older, wiser. I can make business out of this. Bring on the CHACHING! Not with BOTS! LMFAO! !@#$% I’m into selling gems and in the GH warping business sector. YAY! 
 I can be another person without the pressures and deadlines of real life 
. Or maybe I just want to play because, I somehow know, I will meet you again THERE. We can talk about your wife(?), Or your career, your mom, and I will still be your #THEONETHATGOTAWAY

See you at the Ragnarok World!
Let’s make it our fairy tale. THIS TIME.

PS: I didn’t attend the launch. So I’m grabbing photos from They wouldn’t mind. NOT AT ALL. After all, they need all the marketing they can get. They should hire me. ;P

Love, now and always,


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