Saturday, July 20, 2013

When we love

Love's greatest form is to sacrifice ones life for another. Like how Jesus died on the cross for us. But now, no one needs to get killed. Maybe, love is the greatest when one sacrifices, in any and even in the simplest forms of sacrifice.

When we love, we don't expect anything back. When one confesses love to the other person, it is almost always that the person who confessed, already accepted that it will never be a win-win situation. It will be one sided and unrequited but, way better, than love that is kept in the deepest unknown grounds of the heart.

That's the thing about love, you know what it really means only when you are loved back or when you accept that the person you chose among the billions in this universe will never be able to give back the love you are willing to spare.

When you accept that the person will be happier with someone else. 
When you think about their happiness more than your own.
And when you finally let things go but never forgetting how special it is to love. 
waiting for my star to fall,  

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