SM Aura Premier AVP [Behind the Scenes]

May 23, 2013

How do I begin this Drama? First, kindly click PLAY.

This is by far the highlight of my SM Career. It took us three days to come up with something like this. Magic? No. But I bet, if you are here, 3 days before May 16, you’ll never believe this is even possible. No magic though, every SM mall goes through this phase.... and we just BELIEVE!

More than work, it’s a labour of love from all of the tenants, security, workers, SM Aura Premier Team, marketing, operations, Imacron, Publicity, Sy Family, and everyone else. I tell you, after watching the first cut, I want to cry and jump out of joy.... every chemical, dust, and pollution I inhaled-exhaled during the construction was SOOOOOOOOOO worth it, like I am willing to be intoxicated some more!

Shooting this video and making sure this will play during the Aura SMX event lost me the chance of being side by side and meeting Sarah Jessica Parker, but, then again, I don’t care about that anymore!

50 years from now, Aura will be celebrating its 50th year, and everyone will always look back to this video... For me, that’s more than enough.

Wait, let me thank someone.... Fashion isn't my forte, I'm not so good tagging and Identifying people, I don't know these high profile embassy men.... But, thank you Mother for trusting me and letting me do things I really want to do.    

xoxo, Mia     

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