Sunday, September 02, 2012

Derek Needs a New Anna!!!

Remember when this went nationwide and all became LSS-ed about this song?

Isn't that sweet? yup! But, look how sad Anna's reply was:

So the best way to "basted" a guy now was through the internet? 

Broken hearts. Is the world full of hearts slashed in two? In threes? in fours? into tiny particles? Jay said no. I'm on my punch line and there he is interrupting me. Now, I couldn't find next words for that line. He asked me to write this instead... The heart shouldn't be broken. It should be liquidized. Sorry. He forced me to type those promising me that we will win this thing. =) He continued: It should be like rain, something you can't count. Like  soda, that can goes into you, pass through your veins, mix with your blood. It should be water... a living blood in your system, in your society. I'm quite amazed with his words. But I asked him, "If you will make the heart liquidized, it wouldn't have a special place? like now it's on our chest right?" He answered, "If it's liquidized, the special place will be anywhere. Like how it is now, it's on your chest, but it's everywhere.... when you close your eyes. When you do things, you give your heart out. When you love, you... just let your heart flow. You are even willing to give it to me? Don't you?"

Okay, enough of too much cheeze, pimiento and cheese ring.

What happened when Anna broke Derek's heart?

His family are to the RESCUE. As usual, to whom do we turn to when things goes beyond the boiling point... No one else but to those people who loves us for who we are unconditionally-OUR FAMILY.

I remembered my brother. As I said, the only way to heal a heart is to find someone new: 

So let's all help Derek  hook up with a new ANNA!!!!

Hello Ladies!

Wanna Be Derek’s Next Anna? All that you have to do is to visit: Submit a video entry on why you should be Derek’s new Anna! If you win, you’ll be part of the next PLDT myDSL commercial. But not just that... you will also take home a Samsung Ultrabook.

Instant celebrity, huh? Instant Lovelife, huh?! Why wait? Be Derek's new Anna!!!
xoxo, Mia     

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