Thursday, August 09, 2012

The Many Meanings of J

I’m reading the book, I kissed dating goodbye--yes, it’s that book—when I suddenly thought about words that begins with the J. I realized this letter has so many words to describe everything like world revolve on one letter, on J alone. 

Jolly, when you are happy.
January and June separate halves of the year.
Jane for women and John for men.
Jargons or Jigsaws when it’s confusing.
Jab him, if you want to fight.
Jacket when you’re cold.
Jack-in-the-box for toys.
Jingle bells when Christmas is coming.
Jog to exercise.
Join if you want to be with us.
Jacuzzi for some water adventure.
Jail for people you want to detain.
Jar, if you want to keep that one.
Jinx when bad lucks come in.
Jaguars & Jeeps for roads and Jet for things that fly.
Janitors, if you need a helping hand.
Japanese for big eyes.
Java for coffee.
Jeans for clothes.
Jealousy, if he’s looking at her when his with me.
Jell-o for dessert
Jumbo for something big
Jesus, for a God.
Jewelry for things that shine
Jot to take that down.
Journal to keep your memories.
Journey to ride with life. 
Jump and feel so high.
June 23... the night before midsummer day
Junior when you are young.
Junk it when it’s old.
Jupiter for your planet.
Justice for equality.
Jamie for the one you love.

xoxo, Mia     

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