Monday, February 20, 2012

What took it so long?

I left the corporate world last year on the last day of January. In less than a week, a Web Marketing Company offered me a job. I accepted that job where my duties include writing Search Engine Optimized articles and PR's for the company. I lasted 5 months there and decided to try my luck abroad. And I'm lucky... After 3 interviews, I'm hired as a Copy writer for an Online Radio Station in Georgia. I could've worked there however, the company didn't start before my Visa expired and up to this date they are not yet operating. Somehow, I still wish that they will hire me when it starts. 

So, I went back to the Philippines ready to take a quick break and go back to the corporate world. I originally planned to start working after my school sem is over. BTW, I was home December 28 and as early as January 4... I'm scheduled for an interview. Isn't that fast?

When my copy writing job in Georgia didn't push through, I asked why God didn't give me the thing that I wanted the most? It's always been my dream to work in the US. I always wanted to bring my family there like how my mother desired to retire on that country. Also, the money I would earn there in a month is too impossible to earn here in a year. God knows how much I dreamt of this all my life and I know I did everything to reach this... I applied, got accepted but why didn't it prosper? Why? I questioned God a lot of times. I continued to ask myself on what part have I failed and on what part have I not given my best. 

My questions were answered now. Maybe, God knows what I wanted the most and that is to be with my family. There are times when I imagine myself in Georgia with all the things that I wanted but I'm alone... with no family to be with. It gives me sad moments that never happened... thank God. 

Right now, I'm an online contributor for Yahoo! Voices and Foreverdope. Also, SM offered me a PR Coordinator position that I accepted. Now, I don't ask God anymore on why I wasn't a copywriter in Georgia but I just thank Him for letting me be who I wanted to be, letting me be where I wanted to stay and letting me have the people I wanted to be with  in my life. =)

xoxo, Mia     

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