Friday, February 03, 2012

FREE COKE from the President for Happiness

It all started with a commercial of a breaking news by Coca-Cola announcing that a special position has been filled to make every Filipino happy--the President for Happiness.

In the following days, the PRESIDENT FOR HAPPINESS has been named... He is Caloy from Marikina. In celebration of the 100th year of Coca-Cola in the Philippines, Caloy together with his big title will carry the job of bringing happiness to ALL Filipinos.

Visit his FACEBOOK to learn about his adventures and quests in making US happy. 

And for his first mission.... FREE COKES FOR EVERYONE!

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Magpapa-blowout rin ang Coca-Cola sa NORTH LUZON! From 1:30 to 4:30pm, pwede kayong makakuha ng libre Coke sa mga partner establishments - Double Happiness, Classic Baker (Cindy's), Midtown Resto, Joey's Snack Haus, Metrotown Foodcourt, N.E. Quality Bakeshop, Pedritos Bakeshop, Sam's Pizza, Tarlac Montessori, Wimpys Food Plaza 1, Mr. Frosty, KB Hotplates Hamburger, Ne Minimart, Ne Crossing, Wimpys Subic, Ne Pacific Shopping Ctr Corp., Sanyo Multipurpose Coop, Wimpys-Triangle, Highland Camp, Perfect Loaf, Cross Street Conv, DWAD, Candice Megamart, Crowne Bakeshop, Talavera Hypermart, Mr. Pritos. Available only while supplies last, kaya pili agad! :)

xoxo, Mia     

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