CD-R King Baliwag Staff Complaint

February 18, 2012

e-mailed to:

To whom it may concern: 

Good Day! 

First off, this is a complaint about a particular CD-R king employee. 

Here's what happened:

Last February 15, 2011, we went to CD-R king SM Baliwag Branch to look for a Money Scanner, usb drum kit and Privacy Screen Filter. Usually CD-R king stores are packed but this particular day, the crowd is not as huge as it is normally. So what my father did was he lined up with only four people in-front of him and the other line also have around five people. There are around four staff that time serving the buyers. We waited for ANNE, the one serving our line. But what she did was she kept on entertaining other costumers before going to the next line. To fully explain this, here's what  ANNE was doing: she entertained the 1st person in our line. That person went to the corner of the store where he pointed the product he wanted to buy. ANNE followed him and went through the normal-paying, warranty, packing and receipt procedure. 

THE THING IS: after  ANNE given a receipt to that person, a customer approached  ANNE , this customer is not the customer that's on the line. Without looking at the line,  ANNE entertained this person and went through the normal-paying, warranty, packing and receipt procedure. Without even THINKING that there are people on the line waiting for her. It was okay at first but  ANNE repeated it again and again as if she don't know that the store posted a "please fall in line here" sign. So the line piled up, my father asked me to line up for him as he checks the product he wanted to buy. Since  ANNE continued to entertain customers not in line, my father reminded  ANNE of the line, that she should serve people there first because they waited long enough. But instead of politely apologizing, she even had the guts to answer back saying: "Sir, hindi naman po nasusunod yang linyang yan." My father answered back saying, "Eh miss, SOP sa mga CD-R king na ang una mong seser-van ay yung nasa pila saka mayroon naman kayong fall in line sign dito dalawa pa nga." What we, people in the line, expected  ANNE to do was to apologize to the customer she entertained and asked that person to line up like we all did. But NO  ANNE did not do that, what  ANNE did was she continued to serve and entertain customers not in the line and ignored us. Of course, pissed for waiting long enough, we asked for the STORE MANAGER, but the store manage is on break as early as 10:45 in the morning. We don't know how breaks are scheduled in your store. Since the manager is on break another staff approached us and helped us test the Money Scanner. We ended up not buying anything because of that  ANNE .

Also, Since we weren't able to talk to the manager, I am writing this letter of complaint to you in the hopes that you would do something about this. I'm not asking you to terminate ANNE but if this happened many times, maybe she should be terminated already. This CD-R king branch is different from other branches but what happened here can reflect every branch. If you won't terminate her, make sure she gets a HUGE SCOLDING

xoxo, Mia     

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