Sunday, January 01, 2012

The New.....

Before everything... Happy New Year. 

This isn't a New Years Resolution kind of post. But this is how the NEW me will be for the rest of 2012!

MY 2012 Motto: Stay Happy

Being happy and staying happy may find similarities in the word HAPPY but they are two different terms. One asks you to be and the other wants you to stay. I don't want to be happy... I don't need some guy to make me happy. I think I've had enough and ever more reason to be happy everyday with the comfort of my family and friends than having "someone" who will make me happy. I chose to stay happy the way it is now... less complications, less stress, less headache but lots and lots of LOVE!


1. Wants to greet every birthday celebrator on Facebook. 
1. still Wants to LEARN to play CHESS.  
1. Wants to travel MORE.
1. Wants to REPLY... to your messages, texts, e-mails, and even your phone calls. Alam nyo naman I hate talking on the phone pero e-eeffortan ko.
1. Wants to attend events!
1. Wants to care. 
1. Wants to be an impatient bride: SINGLE BUT HAPPY.
1. Wants to be closer to God. 
1. Wants to be supremely neat and organize. Hello OC 2012!
1. Wants to COOK better TASTING and Better LOOKING FOOD.[I'll hold baking a bit... eto na ULAM-ULAM here I come! ^_^
1. Wants to FORGIVE.
1. Wants to GRADUATE. GB Grad school.
1. Wants to make other people HAPPY. 

Yan muna.... the list goes on! 

It's not how we start Publish Postor end a year... it's all the memoirs in between! 

xoxo, Mia     

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