Saturday, December 31, 2011


Define. Cite examples. Explain. 

What REALLY is cheating

Last night I attended a party with friends. Old friends that I kept and treasured eternally. They are the small group of friends I stayed in love all these years if we compare it to romantic relationships amongst lovers. 

In that party, Maybe This Time the song seemed to be the theme of the night. Lovers reunited. Lovers of old times found their way to spark again. Some committed, some single, some taken, some waiting for a second chance, and some regret the lost chance. 

Question is... if you met the person who once truly owned your heart... will it beat the same way? Will the half of it still fit? Will it knock on cupid's door for another arrow? Or will it just beat rapidly like the old times but keep it within? Will it shout love in silence? Will it just  learn to let go? Will it move on?

When you saw the person who was once your eternity and you met him/her again WHILE you are in a relationship or WHILE that someone is in a relationship or WHILE you promised to stay single.... ARE YOU CHEATING?

When you meet the eyes of the person who was once your heart and soul, are you cheating? 

Are you cheating when you WANT to go back to the years that gone? 

What the HELL is CHEATING?

Love, now and always,

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