Monday, December 12, 2011

Handy Dandy Moleskine

Last week, I bought myself my very own Moleskine. It's the Legendary notebook used by Vincent van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, Ernest Hemingway, and Bruce Chatwin, to name a few artists and thinkers who loved it.

It will be my official outdoor planner of 2012. Outdoor? When I say outdoor, it's my planner that I can bring on anywhere in bag or on my purse. It's extra small, handy, and excessively cute. Despite the size, the planner nails the daily page where I can write on my schedules, plans and notes of the day. 

 Moleskine Daily Diary / Planner [Hard Cover] in Dark Pink
Mine's the 2012 version

I bought the planner because it's handy. But if you want something, huge, big and spacious then, this is not the right planner for you. If you want a diary planner where you can write your blow-by-blow account of the day, then try looking for a journal made for that. And, if you want an artsy planner with lots of colors and designs and stickers, you should not get this planner. It's plain. BUT plain enough for you to color it with your own thoughts and adventures. If you want something else, Moleskine and other planners sure sell what you have in mind. 

I think this planner is made for people who want to carry their planners where ever they go. It's small, handy, light-weight and perfect for busy people who jots down keywords and phrases to remember things they should go about for the day. This planner is perfect for me since I want to always carry a notepad that helps me remember and helps me write the things I need to remember, not just for the rest of the DAY but for the rest of the YEAR.

Love, now and always,
Mia always dreamt of becoming 5'8" or higher that goes with the reason why she wears higher platforms. She wears lighter makeup these days because her MAN is particular with INNER beauty. She's the same old shopaholic you now, splurging over stuffs that a part goes to charity. Today, she is not writing blogs and promos anymore. She ventured into marketing... selling souls to the devil. And oh wait, on her spare time, she writes short stories of love with tragic ending. Some of her published works are "Cries, Cameras and Actions", "8 folds", "The Boat", "All for Carlie", "Ragnarok Online Love Story" and "Resume of Lovers". 

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