Sunday, December 18, 2011

Free calls to US and Canada from Gmail

Believe it or not, Gmail just gave us the best gift this year... 

Free domestic calls within the US and Canada and low rates for other countries with this small plugin – right from within Gmail.

Getting a Gmail is as easy as getting yourself a new e-mail.
1. Go to Gmail.

2. Create an account.

2. Register / Fill-up some forms.

3. And log in.

After you successfully registering...

1. Simply go to

2. Install the plugin

3. Then, call. 

Calling should be easy for you as it is the same as ordinary calling devices. Enjoy!!! 
Talk and Connect with your family and friends around the world! 

Gmail Calls to other countries:

CountryGoogle Voice rate per minuteLeading internet telephony provider
France - Mobile10¢20¢+ connection fee
Germany - Mobile10¢25¢+ connection fee
India - Mobile+ connection fee
Mexico - Mobile15¢33¢+ connection fee
United Statesfree from the U.S. & Canada
 from everywhere else
+ connection fee

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