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Once upon a summertime may isang love story na nagpakilig, pagpaluha at nagpasaya sayo. Oo, aminin mo na kahit na break-up pa rin ang ending, sumaya ka parin.

At nakamove on ka na... handa mo nang ilantad ang naramdaan mo noon nang walang ibig sabihin. Kumbaga work of art. Fiction. History. Tabi-tabi nalang sa nakakarelate. =)

1st Month Letter to You Know Who...

I'm not good with words. I suck at personal conversations. I find it hard to express myself.

Perhaps, this letter would tell you what I really feel about you and us...

These days, I've been crying a lot. When I try to figure out what brings the tears, it always leads to your love. I love you and I'm starting to believe that you do love me too. Do you?

After a month of being together with four times of going out, a number of calls and thousands of messages.. Can I now truly say that you do love me too?

Sorry for doubting your love 
____. But when I ask mysellf if your love is real this time, it always gives me a new question that gives even more hard to believe answers. Is it real? How would I know that it's real?

Our relationship began wrong. I know it's my fault for doing a lot of efforts to be closer to you. I never thought that it would lead to something like this. It was just pure friendship in the beginning. I wanted to comfort you, make you happy... listen to your problems and do things for you to make it lighter. Then, I started realizing that I don't want to be friends but more.

God knows how much it hurts when I push you to go back to her. My heart breaks each solid time you meet and I'm left hiding. It brings me to tears that I cannot ask you to choose me instead of her. And when you asked me to demand of leaving her, God knows how much I wanted to beg you to stay with me. But I never had the courage to tell you how I want things to be... just because I'm afraid. I'm afraid that you will do things just because I asked you to.

When you finally left her with your own will, it was one of the happiest days of my life since I've known you. I know it's wrong to be happy while others are suffering... But that, your action, just gave me hope. It brought me another chance to my life that someone could still love me... that I could be happy with someone too... that someone could take me as I am. Thank you.

As we go pass our first month together, I hope that we continue to love each other just the same. We have flaws. We often fight. Our relationship is not perfect but it's happy.

I'm happy to be with you and I hope to bring more happiness to your life.

Our relationship didn't began right. It's too wrong that others are hurting because of us. But let's make it right as we go along.

I've been honest that I have a lot of issues... questions and doubts. Let us hope and pray that these things clear up sooner.

I love you ____. It has been a long time since myt past relationship. In all of the relationships I had, I always give up.

When the time comes that I will give up on our relationship, do not let me. Stop me. Remind me of how long I have waited for someone like you to find me. Show me this letter of how our love begin and goes...

Say the things that you taught me... tell me again that I shouldn't be afraid to get hurt because when we love we get hurt and that makes us stronger.

Others will not see how beautiful we see our relationship. They wouldn't understand why we feel this way. They will judge us. But let's not allow that to destroy us.

The time will come that it will all be lighter and we will be accepted... Let's prove them that our love is real.

Thank you for everything 
____. I hope one day we can look back our hardships and laugh at it together.

I'm here for you. I love you. Don't be afraid to open things to me. You can tell me everything. Don't hesitate to ask for my help... I'm more willing to help back.

Happy 1st Monthsary Babe... I <3 U
Noon yon. I know how basura you are ngayon. =)

Tanong lang... paano ba sabihin ang word na basura na soshal? Joke! 

Love, now and always,
Mia always dreamt of becoming 5'8" or higher that goes with the reason why she wears higher platforms. She wears lighter makeup these days because her MAN is particular with INNER beauty. She's the same old shopaholic you now, splurging over stuffs that a part goes to charity. Today, she is not writing blogs and promos anymore. She ventured into marketing... selling souls to the devil. And oh wait, on her spare time, she writes short stories of love with tragic ending. Some of her published works are "Cries, Cameras and Actions", "8 folds", "The Boat", "All for Carlie", "Ragnarok Online Love Story" and "Resume of Lovers". 

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