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The Kitchen Musical Singapore, Filipino Stars on the Lead

SINGAPORE -- The Kitchen Musical, a music-dance-drama revolving around the story of a rich, young girl fresh from culinary school, is set to dazzle television viewers across Asia this October, with broadcasts in Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines and 12 other countries.

The four-month long original production by The Group Entertainment spread over 13 one-hour episodes features an international cast, including British thespian Stephen Rahman-Hughes, Filipino powerhouses Karylle Tatlonghari and Christian Bautista, Hong Kong supermodel Rosemary Vandenbroucke and New York-based Filipino stage actor, Arthur Acuña.

Maddie Avilon, Sous Chef

Photo by Schnap Studio

Alex Marcus, Executive Chef

Photo by Schnap Studio

Daniel Ray, Sous Chef

Photo by Schnap Studio 

Selena Argon, Sommelier

Photo by Schnap Studio 

Harry Shaw, General Manager

Photo by Schnap Studio

This is the first international musical television drama series produced in Singapore for the regional and international markets, airing on AXN Asia, MetroTV in Indonesia, nTV7 in Malaysia, and Studio 23 in the Philippines.

The show, through music, song and dance, will follow the trials and tribulations of Maddie as she begins a journey of self-discovery following her graduation from a culinary school in Paris. She goes to work at her father's restaurant, The Avilon, and learns that she cannot always get her way by being Daddy's girl.

"The audience can expect fresh entertainment that will satiate their appetite for flavor-filled storylines spiced with complex characters, while singing along to their favorite hit songs and enjoying delicious dishes presented in an exciting way," says Nelia Sutrisno, chief executive officer of The Group Entertainment.

"The idea of a musical television series that hones in on Asia's passion for food has never been done before. We wanted to create a fresh and original concept for the global audience that is still well identifiable within the region," adds CheeK, the creator and writer of The Kitchen Musical who is also the executive vice president and creative director of The Group Entertainment.

The television series had the complete commitment of the international cast and crew, who based themselves in Singapore throughout the shoot. The cast was put through four weeks of intense acting and dancing rehearsals, as well as a kitchen boot camp. Each installment of the series will showcase re-arranged and re-recorded popular hit songs brought to life by specially-choreographed dance sequences.

With intercontinental creative personalities sharing the same vision as The Group Entertainment -- Gerard Salonga, internationally-acclaimed conductor and musical director from the Philippines, arranged the music featured in the show; Jason Coleman, Australia's top choreographer, added sizzling moves to the series; and Massimiliano Della Maggesa of the MTJ brand, renowned make-up extraordinaire, provided his creative flair - the show is set to be a visual masterpiece that will tempt the senses.

The Kitchen Musical will be transferred to the stage in the third quarter of 2012 by the Singapore Repertory Theatre. It has signed a deal with US company Electus to produce the content and distribute it across a variety of platforms in the US and around the world.

The Kitchen Musical is sponsored by Anchor Butter, Nestlé All Purpose Cream and Nestlé D'Lite Cream and is in partnership with Republic Polytechnic, Fiji Water, Zwiesel Asia Pacific and Schnap Studio. (PR)

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