Sunday, June 12, 2011

Independence Day Special: Displaying the Philippine Flag

As a symbol of our nationhood, utmost respect and care should be given to our national flag. The flag will be a bestseller item this Centennial and it can not be avoided that the Philippine flag might be deliberately displayed in the wrong manner
      - NCC Commissioner and Executive Directory Luis Morales

    How to Display the Flag
    • For household and office display, the flag must be displayed vertically, with the triangle on top. The blue field should be to the right (left of observer) and the red field to the left(right of the observer).

    • The flag should never be displayed horizontally except in flagpoles or hung fastened by its fly. The fly portion should always be free to move.
    • When flown from a flagpole, the flag should have its blue stripe on top in times of peace, and the red on top in times of war.

    • When displayed in the middle of the street, as between buildings or posts, the flag should be suspended vertically with the blue stripe pointing to north or east.
    • When a number of flags are grouped and displayed from stationary staffs, the Philippine flag should be in the center at the highest point, or at the right of the other flags. Also, it must always be in the peak, and not smaller than the other flags of pennants or organizations.
    • When displayed with another flag from crossed staffs, the Philippine flag should be on its right side, the left side of the observer. Its staff should be over the staff of the other flag. Two Philippine flags should never be displayed crossed staff.
    • When used on a speaker's platform without the staff, it should hang vertically and placed above and behind the speaker. It should never be used to cover the speaker's desk, or be draped over the front of the platform.
    • When mounted on a platform, the flag should be placed on the presiding officers' right and a bit in front, as they face the congregation. Other flags should be on their left. However, when it is displayed on a level with the congregation, the flag is placed on the right of the congregation.
    • Tattered, faded of worn-out flags should be replaced immediately. They should be disposed off or destroyed privately, preferably by burning.
    • There are prohibitions on the use of the flag. The flag should not be used as part of, or as an entire costume. It should not be displayed in cockpits, dance halls, and centers of vice. It should not be used as unveiling material in unveiling ceremonies.
    • Also, the flag should not be used as a curtain or a drape, although buntings of blue, white and red can be used. The blue color in the bunting should be at the top, or at the point of honor, and must be equal in width to the other colors.
    • The manufacture, sale, and purchase of all flags for government use and public displayed are regulated by Presidential directives. These processes require the prior approval of the NHI.
    • The flag must be secured with careful consideration of its technical design, color, materials, and craftsmanship. Flag suppliers are required to register annually at the NHI, and are required to furnish the laboratory test results for every color of textile materials to be used in the flag's manufacture.

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  1. i just made a blog post about this last month

    i wonder how the presidential website made a mistake on displaying the flag with the red stripe on top?