Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A short Story: Cries, Cameras and Action Synopsis

Cries, Cameras and Action Synopsis
-------- Majime

She is twenty four living a normal life. She used to be a budding photographer but soon ended her dreams on this and realized that she works best with writing words that paints pictures.

He is a man in his 60’s. He is old but looks young than his age counter parts. He owns one of the oldest camera stores in Quiapo that still develops pictures in film.

They met four years ago in his shop. She needs someone to teach her takes pictures. She desperately needs to pass her Photojournalism course. That shop being the usual place in getting her films processed, she begged one of the staff to teach her to take pictures in Manual Mode. The Staff really wants to help her. She already wasted her whole day begging him to teach her but the Staff doesn’t know how to take pictures.

He saw how eager she was to learn to take pictures in Manual. He was intrigued that there is still a person who wants to take pictures in Manual, in a world where digital pictures are on its hype. He decided to help her. They went to Intramuros. He taught her. But she taught her something else… to love.
Four years after, carrying a lot of burdens inside her heart, she decided to visit the camera shop again.

And their story continues to roll like a film.

Have you ever taken a picture of you in your shattered moment
love, now and always, 

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