Saturday, April 09, 2011

One Mumps-y Ride

I always thought that I am indestructible... strong, sturdy, mechanic. A lot of accidents happened in my life. The first one that I can remember clearly was a playground accident when I was in nursery, I jumped off flying like super girl down the swing and hit my head with... the flying swing. lol. I also had a vehicular accident when I was 8, 2 years later, where my head banged a tricycle and I was dragged under it for like 5 to 8 feet away but I still managed to stand and act as if everything was normal. I'm also used to falling down from the stairs and because of that I've mastered using crutches.

Every accident was painful but I kinda love the feeling of being in an accident. Why? Because of the healing part. After all the pain and injuries, it feels like I'm born again, renewed. Another chance to live and enjoy life.

Accidents are fine with me but I hate being sick. Sickness makes me think that I'm weak. That's rhyming. I don't often got sick but when I do... expect it to be something like a matter of life and death. Yes. The last time that I had a sickness was when I had a high fever where I can't breathe and I started imagining to talk to my dead grannies, as if asking me to go with them. Scary. 

Today is a different story. I don't feel sick, I mean not anymore. But in the past 4 days, I felt like I'm the sick-est person on Earth. The sad thing about this sickness was that it has no cure but only nature will take it course to heal it. W.T.Fudge. 

So what is the sickness? *drum roll* MUMPs.

According to wiki(bestfriend)pedia... 
Mumps (epidemic parotitis) is a viral disease of the human species, caused by the mumps virus. It causes a painful swelling of the salivary glands. Painful testicular swelling (orchitis) and rash may also occur. The symptoms are generally not severe in children. In teenage males and men, complications such as infertility or subfertility are more common, although still rare in absolute terms. The disease is generally self-limited, running its course before receding, with no specific treatment apart from controlling the symptoms with pain medication. 

BLA BLA BLA and even more medical slash scientific terms! 

I didn't trust my friend, wiki, and felt the need to go to a Doctor to find a remedy, A FAST remedy for this. But, sadly, the Doctor told me that there's no cure for it and all that he can give are Vitamin C's and Pain Relievers. NICE. He also told me to separate the fork, spoon, glass, cup or whatever that I am using in eating and drinking because my saliva is so CONTAGIOUS! OH Right... like I have a super power with my saliva and like I can kill someone. Verrrrry NICE. And on top of that, He said this sickness can take longer than a week. 

So, way back home, I started thinking that I couldn't be sick that long. I have work and I need to work. At home, I started searching for some home remedies and even ancient vodoo or whatever to cure this. A lot of Filipino sites and forums said that vinegar and tina is very effective. My Aunt also told my mom that this was what cured her grand daughter... so we did but it's not in anyway curing me. I searched for more but learned that MUMPS only heals by itself like a broken heart. 

I also discovered that it can damage the fertility of men. They might not be able to produce a child if they got this sickness when they are quite older. I also learned that to stop the pain, bags of ice will be of great help. But since, it's not painful to me at all, thanks to pain relievers, I don't need that. It's also interesting to learn that we can prevent it through vaccination... how come? I'm complete with all my vaccines including that cancer vaccine for women, that I forgot what it's called. Maybe my Pedia before was a quack Doctor.

I also read that it is important to increase the fluid intake and avoid acidic juices since they have something to do with the saliva. It is also best to eat soft foods for the meantime because opening the mouth and chewing the food is very hard. Believe me, IT IS.

But all of the searches only leads to one conclusion, there was no cure for MUMPS. It's preventable by vaccine. But why is this happening to me? Can I sue my Doctor?

Being desperate to feel better, I decided to take antibiotics. Though, I don't support these wonder drugs and I only take them after five days of being worst-ly sick, I decided to surrender and take it. 

But Still... NO EFFECT.

My face is still swelling. I still can't eat normally. I'm still experiencing fever at night. I'm still sick and dying to sip a hot, sour, and acidic Sinigang. GOD CURE ME PLEASE.... 


Watch out for my next post about the disadvantages of Antibiotics... and why does one need to take it with responsibility and care. 

love, now and always, 

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