Monday, February 14, 2011

Weddings and Vows.

I didn't know writing vows is so so so fun!

I am marrying the person who overlapped every relationship I had. He waited patiently and placed himself next over these a-holes.

I didn't know that my less priority, who I cancelled more than 50 meetups(or more), who I often forgot his special dates like birthday, graduation and conversion, who I always ask for load and never pay it, who always gives someone else his turn... is the one who always made be the first, the priority and the starting line. I now know what save the best for last truly means.

You might have been always the last all these years but...

Baby, from this moment until forever, I promise you that you will never again be the third party, the option and "the I chose you because I have no choice"... today, you'll comes first over anyone, next to God, more than my family, more than myself and more than anything else. More than twitter, facebook, e-mails, ragnarok, angry birds and gossip girl. More than my shoes. And babe, FYI, I backspaced and deleted that a couple of times..... so Again, more than my SHOES.

But who needs shoes if with YOU I have a heart, I have a body, I have a mind, I have a life and a home.

You often ask me what's the worth thing about loving you... and often, I would answer, I don't know.

But, now, I have my answer... babe... I think the worst thing about loving you is that I didn't took the courage to tell you that I do love you all these years. That I waited for you to do your move. That I let my heart to be broken a lot of times before looking at the person who always make my heart believe in love again. That person who reminded me that there can be Romeo's and Juliet's in our time without the forbidden to love, sacrifices, hardships and pain. That the worst of all is that it's only now that I'm saying yes and I do to you.. forever, just us two.

I love you.
Love, now and always,

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