Sunday, February 20, 2011

Post Valentine Events @ Baguio Panagbenga Flower Festival 2011

One of the most awaited events in the Philippines is the famous Flower Festival that happens every February to March in Baguio City. The Panagbenga Festival celebration surprises the tourists as well as the locals with different colorful flower shows. 

This 2011, the theme of the Festival is The Environment and Community in Harmony. It promises to showcase hundreds of street dancers performing within the main roads of Baguio City. Floats extravagantly designed with beautiful flowers of Baguio will also be paraded around the City. Expect a magnificent and wonderful events at the Baguio Flower Festival. 


Feb 1 opening parade 8am blessing of Panagbenga Park
Market encounter
Feb 1 to 6, 2011 – Market encounter
Feb 12, 2011 – Let a thousand flower Bloom
Feb 13, 2011 – Pre-Valentine Event
Feb 26, 2011- Grand Street Parade
Feb 27, 2011 – Grand Float Parade
Feb 28 march 6 2011- Session road in bloom
March 2 2011 – Pony Boys Day
March 3-5 2011- Central North Luzon Tourism Fair
March 6 2011- Closing ceremony and Grand Fireworks Display

The highlight of the Festival 2011 will be the Grand Street Parade that will happen on February 26, 2011. Watchout for street dancers especially the Ibalois Dancers. The Grand Panagbenga Float Parade on February 27 promises to amaze all expectators with gigantic floats made with the different Flowers that blooms in Baguio. Session Road in Bloom will start on February 28 until March 6. Pony Boys day will be celebrated on March 2 and don't forget to take note of the Central North Luzon Tourism Fair on March 3. The Grand Closing Ceremony on March 6 ends it with a fabulous Grand Fireworks Display with Flowers in the Sky.

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