Monday, January 17, 2011

be-WITCH-ing things about boys....

Girls say that the most complicated beings in this world are the boys. Several years ago, I summarized 'Summit's 100 bewitching ways to get to know boys in my old, untouched multiply account and now, I would like to share the same to my readers. 

I hope you'll enjoy word by word of everything that is in here. I'm not expecting you the girls to be boy masters' after but, nonetheless, they should understand and realize by themselves that there is "a girls' and guys' world" in every planet. Girls' may think that we completely understand our guy friends or boyfriends but, sometimes, the way we understand them is a way lot different or worst it's the entire opposite thing.

Let's give boys that world they want as we want ours. Space and territory is important for both girls and boys. The only way to know the boys is to be like them or find that secret paths that leads to their heart. Boys will be boys and girls will be girls... 

For sure, we can't remove the fact that girls needs boys as much as boys need girls in order to survive. 

Boys seem like strange creatures but they feel the same way about girls…
Listen with your heart as well as your ears. Try to respect him [the BOYS] for what he is, without forcing him to be the same as us [the GIRLS].
Five tips on ‘FATHOMING’… the unfathomable guy:
1.      Pay more attention to what he does than what he says.
2.      When meeting him, bring along a dictionary.
3.      Ask your brother for advice.
4.      If a guy wants me to understand him… it’s up to him to make himself understandable.
5.      Bombard him with questions, just like what you do with your teachers.
What do guys usually think about while sitting on the beach at sunset?Tomorrow’s big basketball game.

How can you tell what a guy’s favorite pizza is? By the stains on his shirt.

If Louis Pasteur had you[girls] and mom in his lab, he would never have discovered penicillin and saved the lives of millions of people—because penicillin is made from mold!

Boys have been brought up to appear strong and brave whatever the circumstances. That is why they hide their true emotions and feelings as much as possible. This does not mean they are heartless creatures… They’re just not very good at expressing what they feel inside because no one’s ever taught them.
It is unthinkable for a boy to cry or talk about his feelings. Real men, people say, never show their feelings especially when there are women around. They’re supposed to come off as strong and courageous, even if they really are hurting inside.
Boys cry, too! It’s just that they do it “inside”, hiding behind layers and layers of silence for fear of being found out.

Five tips to deal with boys who treat you like dirt in front of their pals:
1.      Keep distance, but do not forget.
2.      As soon as possible, try to give him a taste of his own medicine with the help of your friends.
3.      Pretend not to notice, even though you’re boiling with rage inside.
4.      Ignore him until he apologizes—he has to make the first move.
5.      Take a deep breath, and silently repeat, “Poor boys….”
Boys behave differently in groups than they were alone. If there’s a girl nearby [the one he likes], it is probable that he will exhibit unpleasant or unfriendly behavior. But in reality, this “bad behavior” is his way of trying to stand out in the crowd… without exposing himself too much.

Everyone has a weak spot, even the most arrogant and obnoxious tough boys. The best way to deal with them is to figure out their “Achilles’ heel” and strike with a heavy dose of irony!

There’s a lot to learn from boys. Generally speaking, they tend to be much more concrete and direct than us[girls]. This means if we want something from them, it’s best to come right out and say it—with sweetness and charm, of course. And most likely they’ll be glad to help, especially if what we need is something really practical.
Besides basketball, soccer and baseball, problem solving is their favorite sport. It’s their way of showing care for us but they’d never really admit it.

Is it worth asking boys for advice on romantic things? Sure, if you want to find out how NOT to proceed!
Sometimes I can’t understand a word boys say... Try taking your earplugs out.
What kind of secrets can I tell a guy friend? The kind that you don’t want to stay secret.
How can I become friends with a guy? Ask him a lot of questions, but don’t listen to his answers. Otherwise, you might change your mind!

Why do big brothers always leave their sneakers all over the house? To mark their territory with a pungent, unmistakable odor.
What should I do if my big brother starts dating my best friend? Find another best friend.
What’s the best kind of brother to have? One that goes away to college.
I share my room with my brother and his snoring keeps me up at night. What can I do? Tape him while he snores, turn up your stereo all the way and play it back while he’s sleeping.

Winning boys’ friendship or making him happy is easier than you think. Sometimes, all it takes is a small gesture. By treating him with kindness and avoiding over aggressive criticisms of what he say or do, and perhaps offering him pleasant little surprises to find a path that leads straight to his heart.
Remember: If one of the guys in your life has a problem, be willing to listen, stand by him, and tell him you’re on his side.
Guys love to feel appreciated. Compliments and kind words are just as important to them as they are to us. Even if they are not as good as expressing their feelings, if somebody does it for them… they melt like candles.
How to make guys happy:
1.      Try telling him about how good he looks and observe his reaction. Whoever said that guys weren’t fashion—conscious airheads?
2.      Be in whatever sports that he’s in. offer to follow the events of the sports year together with him. And remember to root his favorite team!
3.      Don’t judge him too harshly after an argument: of he’s already apologized and you’ve forgiven him then no long faces and pouting around!
4.      Don’t freak out if he forgets an anniversary… he probably didn’t do it on purpose, it’s just that certain nuances escape him.
5.      When you’re with his friends, talk about how great he was that time when he…

            Five tips on getting along with guys:
1.      I seek a compromise between their tastes and mine.
2.      I never take them too seriously.
3.      I try to be patient without overdoing it, of course…
4.      I come right out and tell them what it is I can’t stand.
5.      I try to get interested in the things they like.

How can I tell if a guy is in love with me? Ask him. If he faints, the answer is yes.
Why do so many girls dream of dazzling prince charmings and knights in shining armors? Because they plan to major in medieval history when they enter college.
What does it mean when a guy blushes when I talk to him? He’s probably suffering from indigestion.
There’s a boy I like, but he seems so closed off in his own world… be patient! If that’s not enough, try using a can opener.

love, now and always, 

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