Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Tutti Frutti Year

This year was pretty much easier to deal with than the other years... Maybe because, obviously, I was single the whole year ( or maybe 2 or 3 guys didn't make it to what I was really looking for). 

Writing this blog post makes me feel like a celebrity winning an award, being called out, walking upon that grand stage and thanking a lot of people. It also makes me feel like winning a big lotto jackpot by just thinking about the achievements I was lucky to have this year.

There are negatives too but positivity outlive it. My 2010 is a good year to start my decade. 

January to May was the busiest time in my recent work. I never really experienced this before because in the Newspaper industry, everyday is cramming day. I have to admit that everything I do now is pretty much interesting. It might not have been the path that I was really aiming but for the mean time... it was the perfect one. I'm near to a 100 times thinking about quitting my job but I always settle down with the excuses of--I need this, I want this, I have to finish school first and so on and so forth--and the next day, I'm all brand new, refreshed for another century of work. 
  • January- I was adjusting to the new year. 
  • February- I bought my very first touch phone--x6. (Take note: the money I used was from my own salary.)

  • March- I was invited as a guest speaker to my Alma Mater. ( The first one to speak actually...)
  • April, May - crunchiest time of my working life. Yes, I almost lived in the office.
  • June- After three years of not celebrating my birthday in the Philippines, I finally celebrated it here. It was so FAB! (2007- I was in US. 2008- I was in SG. 2009- My lola died, I didn't celebrate)
  • January to June -  I was busy preparing for school. Hello UP.
  • April to August- My US Family: Tito Pogs, Tita Irma, Julianne and, now, with Marco visited us. I enjoyed the bonding, especially with the kids.... if only we can live together and never leave our sides again, it would be heaven. 
  • July to September - Nothing special... I'm just preparing for www.zupermia.com
  • October- Mom's operation was successful. James and her evil-bitch X broke up. WWW.ZUPERMIA.COM was born
  • November to December - Christmas feeling. Happy. And, oh, I'm back to school. #goodtimes #geektimes

Pretty much, that was the very quick summary of my 2010th. Awesome. Thank God for life. No one so close died this year was another thing to be thankful for. Being me alive is one, as well. Some of my family got sick but I'm still grateful that God guides us in every single step. God you Rock! 

My Family
To my wonderful family, my parents and brothers, I love you. Perhaps, this was the year where most of us, "Tear-ed", but, glad that we sticked together till the end. James, in one of our serious moments, said it was his most blessed and happiest year--he stopped schooling, went back again, finished his thesis, became an exhibitor, completed one module of Cisco, appointed as ADU's president for ROBOTICS, broke up with his first ever girlfriend(or should I say, first ever girlfriend he introduced... which is which brother?), cried, weaped, drunked so bad, moved on, passed all his subjects, saved a lot of money again and fell in love... AGAIN. I thank God for this...truly, it was a wonderful year for our family. Together-forever.

To my Multimedia workmates, every single day at work is a near death experience with you guys... not that every moment is dying but every moment is to be cherished as if it was the last. To my girlfriends, Kat, Ley, Sally, Nor, Svet, Weng, Cyn, Che, Iza, Eloise, Grace and everyone else, our girltalks in a line or two make me learn more about life, relationships, love in your POV's. Love it. Let's have some more next year. To the e-learners, sorry for always disturbing you. Yes, I talk a lot, loud. Let's bond more. MERGE! YEAH! To everyone in the office that attended my birthday, big thanks.

@ My Birthday

My girlfriends @my Birthday

To My Ragnarok family, it was an exciting year. The merge was exciting. WTC event was success. ROLS was gold. Everything seems to be in places. To DOTA ALL STAR guild, big thanks for adopting me. Way back when I was in college, I was never really proud that I was a gamer. Maybe, because a lot of people connotatively think that gamers cannot finish school and can't rock the world--but now, I am a one PROUD Gamer.



To my other friends, yes you. I lalalalove you. Thanks for sticking with me this year... more years. More. 

i love my LOLA's

To the readers of my blog, thanks for the page views. I don't get to earn money for this, BTW. But... Thanks. Thanks. Thanks. Thanks. As I always say, your clicks MEANS the WORLD to me. I love all of you.... ZUPERMIAN's? [it sounds like crap... scrap it.]

To everyone else, thank you for the very lovely year. I couldn't think of any other way to rock the start of the decade. Perfect for me. Hopefully in the years to come we will still  stick like Plants and Zombies, Mario and Luigi, Sonic and Miles. 

Mahal ko kayo. Lahat kayo.

Wait, where's my award?

love, now and always, 

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