Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

In my early years blogging, I never shared my blog to anyone. My blog then was mostly about my very emotional side, that blog is basically, more or less, like your hand written diary only that mine is in the world wide web. 

In 2009, I started, a blog I never really planned to be huge, I created it out of boredom to fill some idled time during my work hours. It never occurred to me that one day from mielyf [that talks about jaMIE's life] it will be transferred to [and will get as much as 15684, as of today]. isn't something I planned about my life, as saintly as this may sound, I think it's God's will. From the bottom of my heart, to all the viewers, clickers, visitors and supporters of, Merry Christmas!!! May this Holiday Season bring Love, Peace, and Happiness to you and your loved ones!!! May you always know the warmth of family and friends, and may the coming year give you joy in your work and peace in your heart. 

May continue to give you great joy in your times of sadness, and warmth and comfort when trials comes your way. May this blogsite help you  find true love, happiness, and contentment in every post.

Happy Holidays!

love, now and always, 

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