December 15, 2010

Every time a man comes into my life, the only thing that I ask God is to stop anything between us as soon as possible, if this man is not the right one for me. For quite some time, God has been doing a good-great job with what I'm asking him. 

I'm actually starting to lose hope that God will send the right one: willing to wait, worth the pain, and will be there for me. Sometimes I even ask myself, why would God want someone as sinful as I am to be happy? Do I pray every night? Or rosary every Wednesday, at least? Go to church? Am I a good person? I find most of my answers here no--I'm not a good person-- Not evil, though, but a bad one. 

Why would God want someone like me to be his child? Why? With all the things that I have, People always think that it's perfect. But, if you are in my shoes... you will understand why suicide plans are always an occurrence, why a teardrop falls from eye-to eye.

It's not an easy life. I bet everyone would shout the same. It's not an easy life and yet, we still make things complicated. We love, we hate. 

love, now and always, 

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