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The THREE Month Rule the END of every relationship!

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The Three Month Rule states that there is a mandatory three-month period in the end of a relationship where the broken couple stays single for at least 3 months. This rule gives both parties the time to heal or prepare themselves before their ex dates/loves someone new. the BEGINNING of every relationship!!!

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The Three Month Rule states that there is a mandatory three-month period at the beginning of a relationship where things are perfect . If you're not serious over someone, don't date  more than three months, because that's when people get comfortable enough around each other to start letting their faults show. When dating someone or starting a relationship, set your mind that if anything bad happens in the first three months, you are ready to walkout and disappear. No emotional attachment that you can't move on from, it didn't work out[in the beginning and won't work out till the end] and  it's just over.  

THREE months before it becomes real

I never believed in the three month rule. Perhaps, I never really had a real relationship yet, worth the three month "idle" period. Or maybe, I believe that falling in and out of love is like a body of water... you are free to stream, wave, flow wherever the water takes you. 

If you found the right one, could you control your heart to stop beating for him/her? It's called falling in love [or falling out of love for this matter...], you don't force yourself to be in love[or out of love], you just fall. 

love, now and always, 

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