Monday, November 15, 2010

The Lastest KFC Craze

KFC Double down is KFC's latest baby. 

The Double Down contains bacon, mayo, and cheese squeeze in between two pieces of chicken fillets in KFC's original chicken flavor.

  • 100php Ala Carte
  • 110php Ala Carte via delivery
  • 115php with drinks
  • 135php with drinks and Fixin/Fries

A lot of people are crazy about this. They all want it. Why? Because, most of the time, it's not available or sold out. And not just on one branch.... I tried looking for it in Trinoma and SM North Edsa but as expected it wasn't available and ended up buying a go-go sandwich. My brother said that it's not available even on delivery so he just ordered a Twister.

Genius is that person thinking for KFC. I'm smelling marketing strategy here:
1. If the double down is not available, the buyer will just order for something else.
2. But will still visit the food chain the next day and end up doing #1
3. If number 1 happens, the buyer will rave about not having the double down on his/her fb, twitter, etc. making everyone else crave about it.
4. If the buyer successfully purchased a double down, he/she announce it to the whole world... making the whole world want to taste the same thing.

I haven't tasted the double down yet. But i'll try it one day, when the time comes that it easily gets available. I'll probably eat it with rice or take it home and add some buns.

love, now and always, 

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