Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Starbucks: 1st Drive Thru in the Philippines

When I lived in the US for quite sometime, I noticed Starbucks branches have Drive Thru's like the fast foods. I asked my Tito Pogs about it and he said that it was normal for every Starbucks cafe there.

I remember asking my brother months ago if the Starbucks Drive thru will work here in the Philippines, he said, it will not because its hard to make the coffee alone and it will require quite a lot of time for a quick drive thru. Also, I think half of the Starbucks goers here in the Philippines are just like me, we go there for the coffee, the ambiance, the soothing music and the wifi.

I thought Starbucks Drive Thru will never be possible in the Philippines. But, TODAY, a Starbucks branch opened and with a DRIVE THRU . 

But its not only that it's with a Drive Thru that makes it special, the store is the first LEED [Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design] designed store in the Philippines. It means that the building is made of very environment-friendly materials. 

A movement Starbucks is brewing for the environment:

  • These 14 metal plaques are strategically placed throughout the store detailing some of the LEED elements used for this store. 

Who knows more green cafes might be built in the Philippines soon, with Drive Thru of course. This Starbucks Branch is located at Bonifacio Global City, 32nd St. & 7th Ave. 

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  1. Very gorgeous store! I love all the plaques! Thank you for sharing these photos. Is that a huge red cup in front of the store? The whole thing has such a great design and style!
    ~Melody (aka