Thursday, November 18, 2010

Starbuck-ling Moments

I have a lot of Starbucks moments. I'm not a avid fan of the cafe, but drinking coffee there  gives me a totally different relaxing experience over coffee. I love coffee, from 7-11 cups to grandeurs. 
I have a lot of Starbucks coffee moments. It's not a lot but most of them carved a story in my heart, everything worth novel-ing.

The first ever Starbucks branch that I ever visited was the one in Intramuros [near Letran], way back College. We were rushing documents for our NSTP that time  and we decided to head to the nearest Starbucks--have some place to stay and discuss things. Amiel treated me with a Cofee Jelly... So, I didn't pay for the first ever Starbucks coffee that I enjoyed. :)

I was able to buy my first ever Starbucks tumbler with the money I got from the empty printer cartridges I sold.

Whenever I visit other countries, drinking a cup of coffee and enjoying a slice of cheesecake is always a part of my itinerary. I just love Starbucks.

love, now and always, 

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  1. Hi!

    Did you dismantle the Manila tumbler yourself? If so, how did you do that?(: you can reply me via email!