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Hayden™: A New Fragrance Story

Hayden Kho, Jr. is popularly known as the boyfriend of Vicki Belo and the man behind the famous Video Scandals. 

But let’s not talk about the past… at least, just this once. Let's Talk About Hayden and Hayden™ perfume from Paris.

Hayden Kho, Jr is a former celebrity doctor under the Belo Medical Group, actor and model in the Philippines. He tried out the show business from 2007 to 2009 as a talent artist of GMA Network with the management of Manay Lolit Solis.

Showbiz History:
Dr. Jonas
Guest cast
Dr. Henry
Lead Role
Dr. Hayden Miranda
Supporting Role

Last October 22, 2010, Hayden Kho launched of his new perfume line. He introduced 13 different fragrance that the were all developed in Paris. 

But Why did Hayden ventured into perfume-making business? 
When I was in med school, I read a scientific study that fragrance is linked to emotions. I became intrigued and I wanted to know why,” he said. He added that at that time, however, the idea took a backseat due to his studies, and medical and showbiz careers.  What I wanted to do was to find a new inspiration. I wanted something that could excite me, something very special. I wanted a fragrance like that... I guess when I couldn't find it, I decided to make it myself.

The Rise of Hayden™
Hayden™ is a collection of extraordinary fragrances created in collaboration with top perfumers in Paris, formulated to last longer in warmer climates. With its unique scent, elegant packaging and thoughtful presentation, each Hayden™ fragrance is an exceptional way to make your own personal statement, as well as the perfect pleasure to give or receive.
Amber Woods & Rose Petals
Hayden's favorite for this first collection. An exclusive, luxurious and rejuvenating scent, comprised of healing patchouli plus earthy vetiver and solid orris. Fresh bergamot, elegant lavender and sage blend harmoniously. Be sincere, self-assured, successful.

Lemon & Nutmeg
ROMANCE: The intensely attractive fragrance of nutmeg derived from the European mountain valley flower, geranium, is tempered with the sweet, citrus smell of fresh, clean lemon. Both combine for a delightfully romantic fragrance that is honest, natural and light yet lasting.

Spice Musk & Grapefruit
BOLD & SEXY: The reasonably excessive white musky fragrance, steeped in warm herbs, spices and mysterious unguents, is married with the whisper-soft citrus notes of cool grapefruit and some floral notes, giving it a subtle but highly attractive quality. The quietly seductive fragrance gives one license to play with the rules of polite washed society without truly trespassing them.

Wild Woods & Mandarin  
CLASSIC, ELEGANT: This scent has the subtle and transparent sensuality of sandalwood, depicting power and success, but also has a streak of calming mandarin that elegantly whispers, “remember me”. The refined yet youthful fragrance is relaxing, even reassuring, yet bold at the same time.

Black Leather & Orris
STYLE & FASHION: Embodies a sensitive spiritual soul with a fashionable, creative and edgy exterior. A warm luxurious leather fragrance wrapped in the mysterious scent of orris and green floral notes. Both bold and alluring, the fragrance is spirited and epitomizes hedonism and furiously unmade bed sheets.

Ocean Breeze & Sandalwood  
SPORTY & ACTIVE: Stands out for a confident “sense of self” – pure, clean, unabashed and extremely active. It plays out the theme of a fresh breeze combined with jasmine blossom which always feels juvenile. It manages to draw on the combined power of energy and pleasant fragrance to make active days memorable.
Bergamot & CaloneSIMPLICITY: The scent has an interesting opening of different citrus variants but still possesses distinctly soothing orange Bergamot with tinges of warm floral nuances. It is a solid, quietly confident fragrance that announces your presence without calling attention to you.

Cherry Blossoms & Vanilla Pod  
ROMANCE: This warm, gauzy fragrance is filled with floralcy accents of violet and iris. Tempting ylang and dulcet rose tones brush through your senses with femininity. The sheer hint of passion fruit and bergamot laced with a rich base of musk and amber make the sweetness of vanilla just enough to inspire the right emotions.

Charming Orchid & Violet 
BOLD & SEXY: The first whiff of the fruity mix of apple, melon and grapefruit is unmistakably captivating. Sultry sandalwood, amber and smooth mandarin twist some spice in. Charmingly, zests of bergamot and muguet plaited with sensuous jasmin rose violet, sandalwood, and amber heighten the senses... even of those around you.

Green Tea & Peony 
CLASSIC, ELEGANT: Chic and timeless, the scent opens with a unique blend of tea, bergamot, bamboo and pear for a subtle, unmistakably luxurious feel. Blends of classy peony with muguet and violet leaf add just enough polish for one to warrant a second glance while the musk and woods base evokes effortless confidence.

Pink Pepper & Cashmere
STYLE & FASHION: This alluring scent starts with a glossy mix of charming mandarin, pink pepper, spicy clove and ethereal cardamom. Delicate notes of violet and magnolia sway in for mystique and charisma during the day. On luxurious evenings, glittering notes of sandalwood, vetiver, cedarwood, tonka bean, amber and cashmere set one apart from the madding crowd.

Luscious Lily & Apple  
SPORTY & ACTIVE: A certain sense of insouciance and joie de vivre is imbibed in this brilliant blend of apple, crisp cassis, sweet peach, precious jasmin and fresh rose. Subtle hints of earthy muguet, clever sandalwood, fresh cedarwood, amber, and a dash of musk surround you with vital energy, bringing all senses to life.

Blushing Berry & Lotus 
SIMPLICITY: A world without pretensions opens up with this fruity blend of guava, comforting blackcurrant and fresh apple. Blends of jasmin and lotus flow together seamlessly, tinting your mood with a genuine lift. Harmonious notes of amber, cedarwood and musk make each moment comfortably genuine.

Take out Hayden's scandal out of the picture. Close your eyes, spray, smell and see within. Believe in giving chances... why not give this PERFUME a chance? 

The fragrances are 460Php for the 50ml glass bottles and 680Php for the 100ml glass bottles. Now Available at Glorietta 3 (front of Rustan's), Trinoma (front of Bench) and SM Dept Stores(Mall of Asia, Makati, and Megamall). All boxed, bagged, and bowed.

Hayden™ will soon be available in all leading departments stores and mall outlets nationwide. 
Visit Hayden™ twitter and facebook for updates of availability and abroad[soon] distribution. 

love, now and always, 

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