Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Dealing with a Broken [MEN’s] Heart and Break up Recovery

I don’t usually post Men stuff at zupermia.com. But ever since my brother broke up with his [bitch] ex girlfriend, I’d like to share how he nursed his broken heart... which I know would be of help for other members of the men’s tribe, going through the same phase. Witnessing him go over this heartache first hand was like taking a bullet for us—his family, relatives, friends, and everyone that believed in their relationship.

Dealing with a broken heart, for both the female and male specie, is hard. Women heal broken hearts different than men. Usually for us, we can go on a whole day shopping, venture into a new hobby, make over ourselves, and pig-out with chocolates and chips to easily move on—and it always gives positive result to lady’s crying heart. For men, it’s a different story…especially, when it lasted for years and the guy thought it was really really true.

For hundreds of centuries, it was written and believed that men are greater than women: strength, power, intelligence, courage. But there’s also a saying that, “Behind The Downfall Of Every Man Is A Woman”.  

Most of the books published were for Woman’s healing. How come there aren’t books for men’s healing [if there are, how come I haven’t come across one]? Could it be because people [from hundreds of centuries ago] think that Men are made of iron and steel… unbreakable? Not in this age, men have become emotional, sensitive and soft-hearted.

Male, actually, suffer greater than their female counterparts when it comes to break-ups. Most of the time, guys keep the ache all by themselves, not like girls… we open up, cry our heart out and do out little sweet revenge[in different ways: make over, making sure the next bf is extra hot than the later].

How can a guy get over a breakup? In my brother’s case, what are the things he did to accept the breakup? What are his ways and new found hobby to forget the pain? What is his formula of control to avoid getting delusional and getting back with his ex[when obviously she already moved on]? 

love, now and always, 

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