Wednesday, November 17, 2010


DOT recently launched a new tagline for our country. WOW Philippines is now changed to Pilipinas Kay Ganda. Before giving my personal view of the new slogan, Let's first take a look at the different slogans / taglines of other countries:

Amazing Thailand
Malaysia, Truly Asia!
Incredible India
Indinesia, Admit It, you Love It!
Cool Japan
Brazil Sensational
Uniquely Singapore
El Salvador, Impressive!
Italy, Much More
Switzerland, Gets Natural!
New Zealand 100% Pure!
Anguilla Feeling is Believing
Florida Keys Come As You Are
Hungary A Love for Life
Taiwan Touch Your Heart
Belize Mother Nature’s Best Kept Secret
Visit Florida
Discover Peru
Albania A New Mediterranean
Croatia The Mediterranean As it Once Was
Namibia Land of Contrasts
Tanzania Land of Kilimanjaro Zanzibar and the Serengeti
Jamaica, Once You Go, You Know
I feel sLOVEnia!
Smile! You are in Spain
Romania Land of Choice
See the world. Visit London
Maldives Sunny Side of Life
Montenegro Wild Beauty
Namibia Land of Contrasts
Germany Affordable Hospitality
Grenada Rhythms of Spice
Hong Kong Best Place Best Taste
Hungary A Love for Life
I heart New York
France Rendez-Vouse En France (French)
California Find Yourself Here
Canada Keep Exploring
Croatia The Mediterranean As it Once Was
Ecuador Life at its Purest
Viva Cuba
Egypt Where It All Begins
Aruba One Happy Island

Pilipinas Kay Ganda--if translated to English it means Philippines so Beautiful. Honestly, it wasn't a knockout slogan BUT it can work. Actually, I have units in translation and we learned there that people from other countries love our, MAHAL KITA because no other country can find a word that can level to KITA... because in KITA, I and You was combined. Not even english can find a word for it. They can't match it... LOVE WE? No, I and You forms KITA-- making MAHAL KITA, I LOVE YOU in English. 

It's the same with Pilipinas Kay Ganda it's not as knockout as the MAHAL kita but we can do something about it. Perhaps, 8th time Champion and Congressman Manny Pacquiao can do wonders and magic for it. 

DOT says they are just testing if the slogan will work. But i don't think it will continue anymore, Filipinos are truly killers of themselves. Instead of fighting and being proud of the slogan and even if we let the slogan slip and let  alone the pride for our Language be rewarded, a lot has been said and Filipinos have criticized it too much already. Plus, it has a lot of issues too:

Actually, If I were to make a poster/ad for Pilipinas kay Ganda, it would be:

  1. Manny Paquiao with a Gold belt embossed Pilipinas Kay Gganda.
  2. A collage of all the tourist spots in the Philippines with beautiful Filipinas in Costumes. Example: A pretty Ifugao women in native costume behind the Banaue Rice terraces. 
  3. Lea Salonga, Charice Pempengco, Jasmin Trias, Bruno Mars, Billy Crawford, APL de AP and all the other Filipinos[half or whole] Popular around the world photographed behind the Pilipinas Kay Ganda Logo. 

My main point is it doesn't have to be changed. Let's be proud of our Language. Let's believe and prove that Philippines is really "so beautiful".

love, now and always, 

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