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The long wait is over… Ragnarok’s Episode 22: Renewal is Finally Here!

Being a Ragnarok Player since the blossom of its Odin days, one of the things that excites me playing :are the new headgears, items, maps, jobs, patches, and episodes especially.

Today, Philippine Ragnarok Online officially launches its much awaited Episode—Renewal. Popularly features Ragnarok’s 3rd Job Patch, Episode 22 Renewal: Dawn of the Enlightened Ones, promises to give a whole new Ragnarok experience to its loyal gamers.

First launched in Sakray server last September 9, players’ feedback of the new episode is overwhelming, even players who quitted RO ages ago, played again to try out what pRO, the country’s first and biggest MMORPG, has to offer.
All about 3rd Jobs[source: RO Future Wiki]
  • To change to a 3rd Class, one must be level 99 of either the base 2nd Class, or 2nd Transcendent Class.
  • Changing to a 3rd Job is not like transcending, and you will remain level 99 when you change. [In transcending, you have to be a novice again and start at level. But in 3rd Class, you’ll just continue your 99th level.]
  • If you are a knight, crusader, priest, monk, wizard, sage, assassin, rogue, blacksmith, alchemist, hunter, dancer or bard and chose to change to your 3rd Job before transcending will be unable to transcend in the future. [The primary advantage of transcending first is that one is able to learn the transcendent skills before turning to the 3rd Class, whereas changing immediately from base 2nd Class would lead to never being able to obtain them. Additionally, characters that change from their Transcendent Class will maintain their 25% HP/SP bonus over non-Transcendent characters.]
  • Once you change to a 3rd Job character you will be able to level past level 99. The level cap for 3rd Class characters is base level 150 and job level 50. 3rd Class characters are able to increase status points above 99, to a maximum of 120 points in each stat. All 3rd Class characters are able to use equips from previous jobs, including transcendent equips, no matter if the previous job was 2nd Class base or Transcendent.
Here are the 3rd Jobs available:

3rd Class
Skill Concepts
Class Sprites
Rune Knight
(from Knight
Lord Knight)
§   More offensive-oriented than Knights or Lord Knights.
§   Reduced reliance on defensive gears.
§   Skills will be more offensive-oriented.
§   Will also use Runes, a special type of item, to perform their skills.
§   A Ferus mount will be available for Rune Knights.
§   Ferus can be Green, Red, Blue, White, or Black (see Rune Knight page for sprites).

Arch Bishop
(from Priest
High Priest)
§   Improved existing supportive skills.
§   Many new anti-Demon/Undead skills will be added. However, selecting them will reduce the effectiveness of, or cause the player to lose out on some of the supportive skills.
§   Added skills that allow the Arch Bishop to do physical melee damage.

(from Wizard
High Wizard)
§   Super strong very large AoE damage spells.
§   Can memorize different spells to cast them instantly.
§   Powerful and destructive class.
(from Hunter
§   Added a Wolf (Warg) summoning skill.
§   Ability to mount a Wolf (Warg).
§   Strengthens existing bow skills.
§   Improved single-target traps, as well as allowing usage of multiple traps to achieve new effects.

Guillotine Cross
(from Assassin
Assassin Cross)
§   Like Assassins, they are a typical DPS type class.
§   Based around very strong damage, but when a skill fails, there will be backlash to the user.
§   Many different types of new poisons will be added. Also, the Guillotine Cross will be armed with new skills that use poisons.

(from Blacksmith
§   Can now create auto-attacking turrets that were originally slated to be released with the Transcendent Jobs.
§   Improved skills that make use of items rather than direct battle.
§   Are able to equip a special type of armor, similar to the 'Magitech Armor' from Final Fantasy VI.
§   This armor is called 'Mado'.
§   There will be new skills that make use of the Mado armor.

§                     Improved graffiti skills, e.g., Manholes (like in Looney Tunes).
§                     Can use a skill which absorbs area of effect magic while draining SP.
§                     Ability to use a skill which changes the ability of the player.

(from Bard
(from Dancer
§                     Skills that improve physical attack and physical defense of party.
§                     Skills that increases the stats of an ally.
§                     Skills that improve magic attack and magic defense of party.
§                     Skills that increases movement speed and attack speed for party.
§                     More offensive skills.
§                     Can cancel out another player's Song/Dance.
§                     Can use a 2nd Class Song/Dance/Duet and a 3rd Class Song/Dance at the same time.
§                     Certain Songs/Dances will improve with more Minstrels and Wanderers in the party.

(from Monk
§                     Has more Spirit Spheres than Monks and Champions and has improved Fury.
§                     Has a skill that deals more damage based on the weight of the target.
§                     Has new and improved skills for battle.
§                     New skills concerning counters.
§                     As they take damage, the enemy will receive negative effects.
§                     Has a skill that deals damage based on HP used.

Royal Guard
(From Crusader
§                     Will probably be able to equip two-handed shields.
§                     Will have many new spear exclusive skills.
§                     Increased defensive role: skills will be more defensive-oriented.
§                     More defensive-oriented than Crusaders or Paladins.
§                     Increased reliance on defensive gears.
§                     Defensive counterpart of Rune Knight.
§                     As they take damage, their 'anger gauge' increases, which can be used in strong attacks.
§                     Ability to destroy traps by stepping on them.
§                     Will have a Gryphon mount.
§                     New skills that can only be used with two or more Royal Guards present.

(from Alchemist
§                     Will have access to an improved version of the Homunculus called "Homunculus S". (Can't use two at the same time. It will be similar to the Falcon or Wolf (Warg).)
§                     New skills concerning the summoning of plants.
§                     Ability to create special food items, and throw items to deal damage.
§                     Will be able to brew many new potions.

(from Sage
§                     Practices magic of 5 elements, including the Poison element.
§                     New Spells added (Sages and Scholars/Professors don't have much combat magic).
§                     Some Sorcerer skills should still be useful compared to Warlock magic.
§                     Will be able to use summons.
§                     Some combat magic damage is affected by the user's ATK and MATK.

3rd Job Changing Guide:

Players who tested from Sakray server also shared their guides in changing jobs:

Download the RO Episode 22 Renewal at the RO Website or like my PAGE (for the manual patch) if the RO Website is experiencing technical difficulties.  

Enjoy the Latest RO Patch and keep on ROKing! \m/


love, now and always, 

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