Monday, October 18, 2010

Something big and twisted

I know for a fact that McDo's Twister Fries are one of the seasonal products McDonald's offer. And now, IT’S BACK! 

The Twiter Fries debuted on all McDonald branches last Friday, 10 am. Get twisted again with this once in a blue moon mouth-watering potato fries.
I was able to munch a box last Saturday. When my brother asked me, "why is it more delicious than the regular fries?" I joked around and said because it's twirled... But he went on saying, "because it's made from real potatoes." 

Grab a box of McDonald's Twister Fries. Get twisted again and head to the nearest McDO Branch near you!!! Remember Twister Fries is here for a limited time only! 
But wait... Twister Fries is available via delivery as well. Don't worry about the charges because there are no minimum orders at McDelivery. Just add a fixed delivery charge of P40 and you're ready to twist and turn.

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