Friday, October 08, 2010

Manila Bulletin launches 3D News

After the success of the very 1st 3D newspaper in Philippine history last September 24th, Manila Bulletin follows up this milestone with another 3D edition.

Today, October 8, 2010, Manila Bulletin officially launches its 3D news nationwide. Manila Bulletin is the first broadsheet to apply technology in their newspaper that lets readers enjoy their newspaper reading experience in a new level and a new dimension—in 3D. Viewing photos and advertisements comes to life like it was never seen before and can be seen with more depth, sharpness and contrast—giving a new unique experience in reading news.   

When you buy a copy to today’s 3D edition, a special 3D edition glasses is inserted in each issue, completing your total viewing experience. Make sure to keep the glasses when you buy a copy because Manila Bulletin will surprise us with more special issues like this.

Buy a copy of the latest 3D edition of the Manila Bulletin and keep a piece of history with you. Who knows? Someday newspapers might actually be printed on clouds… and this 3D edition started the traditional newspapers’ evolution.


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