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For Well Heeled People, Places, Passion...Fashion!

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Sassy Slip-on
Sassy Slip-on quiz
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the love of high heels quiz
Your Result: Heel Diva
You have a true love for the look, feel, affection and experience of high heels. You read the magazines and look for the latest fashions on tv. You find it hard to walk through the mall without taking a look at the heels being offered. If you could you would possibly shop for heels weekly if you don't already. The higher and sexier the better in a lot of cases but not the law for you. You are intrigued by those who admirer your heel appeal and experience joy when you see others intrigued by your wearing your heels! You cannot remember a week without have worn heels.
Heel Fetish
Heel Lover
Heel Admirer
the love of high heels quiz
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There are different kinds of shoes for different occasions and people. I love heels and among my favorites are the wedges and cone heels. 

What about you? What are your favorites among these?

Different Women Shoe Styles
Ankle Straps

An ankle strap shoe has one or multiple straps that, as the very name suggests, fasten around the ankle. Straps can include laces, ribbons and other material to wrap around the lower part of the leg.

Ballet Flats
Also known as ballerina flats, the ballet flats have been inspired from ballet shoes and have become useful for women of all shapes and sizes. A ballet flat is a flat heeled, enclosed shoe, almost like a slipper. It is easy to slip on and is available in different designs and shapes, with beads, jewels, fringes and flowers.

Kitten Heels

Kitten heels have a thin-based low heel that tapers sharply to a narrow base. The heel is usually 1.5 inches or less and is slightly set in from the back of the shoe. These shoes combine comfort with a little bit of extra height and go well with most outfits.

French Heels

French heels are shoes with a medium height, having a curved heel that is somewhat chunkier than a Kitten heel.

Mary Janes

A Mary Jane reminds you of your school days, as it is like the round-toed, low-heeled shoe that children wear to school. A distinctive feature of Mary Jane is the single or double strap that crosses the middle top of the foot. It comes in varying heights and styles.


A mule is covered in the front, just like a normal shoe and the back is open. It is easy to slip on and comes in various heights and different heel shapes.


Pumps are low cut shoes that surround the foot without any fastenings. They are available in leather, micro fiber and other fabrics.

Peep Toes

A peep toes shoe is open at the tip of the toes, to show part of the toes, but not the whole toe line. The opening of the shoe is small and rounded or wedge shaped.

Platform Shoes

Platform shoes are thick soles that sit under the front part of the foot and are combined with wedges, chunky heels or stilettos. They are known as platform wedges, when they are combined with a wedge heel.


Sandals are shoes with open toes and backs, with single or multiple straps for fastening. A number of sandal designs are available, depending on the type and material of straps and height of heels.


Sling backs are a cross between a mule and a full shoe. They have a strap that connects the sides and back to the front of the shoe, instead of a closed back. They come in varying heights and can have open toes or a fully closed front.

Stiletto Heels

Stilettos or spiked heels refer to high heels that are pointy and thin. The slender and very feminine heels can be as high as 6 inches.

Wedge Heels

A wedge is based on the same shape as a triangular door-stop. The heel extends from the back of the shoe to right under the foot, thus running in a wedge shape from back to front. Wedges come in different heights.

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